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Will Rabbits Share A Litter Box?

Rabbits are quite cute, cuddly, and super friendly so far as you are on their right side. Anything other than that could lead to some cruel scratches and real bunny issues.

They are easy to rear, fun to breed, and convenient to have as pets. However, just like pets love their owners, it’s also essential pet owners do everything within their power and resources to keep their pet’s houses clean.

So that aside, will rabbits share a litter box?

It depends on the rabbits in question. Once a rabbit has been properly spayed or neutered, there is a better chance it will let a fellow rabbit take its space and invade its privacy. However, if the said rabbit is not spayed or neutered on time it’s a whole different ball game.

Litters are jealously guarded by rabbits. Since that’s where they can do their business without the prying eyes of uninvited visitors. So, it’s super essential that you properly bond your rabbit and its proposed littermate to avoid there being a bunny funeral the very next day.

3 Reasons why rabbits can share a litter box

Rabbits aren’t as territorial as a bunch of other domesticated or wild animals. But just like in every living being (including you reading this), there’s a high chance your bunny just wants its privacy.

However, if you play your cards right, there is no reason why your rabbit won’t be willing and maybe even glad enough to share its litter with another rabbit. Here are a few reasons why they’ll be more than eager to share litter boxes. 


Rabbits could be very territorial, don’t get me wrong. But, once they let another rabbit invade their space they could be the most adorable companions ever.

They love having company around and as soon as they are hooked they will become super hard to separate. That’s the case especially when they’re partaking in their usual rabbit shenanigans.

Rabbits Companionship

They would want their fellow bunny buddies around all the time. Feasting on a carrot together, burrowing the ground side by side, and even using the litter together.

Most times you can’t force such a bond to occur, it’s natural and super beautiful when it happens.


Rabbits might be fuzzy and cuddly but they are also extremely innovative and possess superior survival skills. Once a rabbit understands they only have one litter in a compound and it is properly litter trained, it will have no qualms in sharing such a litter with a fellow rabbit.

It doesn’t even matter whether they are buddies or not. So far as they get the job done and are relieved of the inconvenience of storing garbage in their systems. As such, one litter box is truly enough for two or more rabbits, so far as the litter is within proximity.

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One of the biggest tasks that come with bunnies sharing a litter box is size.

So many times, rabbit owners erroneously purchase litter boxes that are too small to accommodate two fully grown bunnies and that can have dire consequences. However, if your litter box is big enough, the problems will be significantly reduced.

Whether your rabbits are bonded or not, it’s not a problem. They’ll do just fine so long as you keep it neat and conducive.

3 Types of litter boxes

Litter boxes come in various shapes and sizes, they could be big or small. Litter boxes come in various colors and shades, they could be blue or dark.

Litter boxes come in various makes, more on that below.

Type 1: Litter box with plastic grate

Some litter boxes are finely equipped with plastic grates quite similar to the ones common in kitchens. They are equipped to avoid irritation of paws and reduce the amount of litter waste.

Your bunny’s urine will flow through the grate and get absorbed by the bedding, while the feces stay on top to be easily discarded or collected as fertilizer. This litter is also a deterrent for bunnies that love digging into their litter boxes.

The only real minus is that feces might still get thrown around once the bunny jumps out.

Litter Box With Plastic Grate

Type 2: Corner litter pan

Furnished with a design that is artfully created to take up as little space as possible. It fits well into any housing situation and the major plus is that it’s super useful for bunnies that like to push their bottoms into a corner while having their alone time as the urine will likely go where it ought to.

Its space efficiency might be a plus, but it’s also a significant minus in this scenario. Most of the time, it’s only conducive for one rabbit and nothing else.

No hay, no second rabbit (if you have one). These litter boxes also tend to be full quickly. So, ready your mind to clean more frequently than you’re probably used to using other boxes.

Type 3: For The senior citizens

The previously mentioned litter boxes are superb in the scenario where your bunny can jump over the sides easily. It’s not always that way.

Elderly rabbits might need a litter box that can be entered without necessarily jumping. Sadly, your choices are few and far between.

There are trays meant for potting plants or protecting surfaces that will do the trick, though! Scour the internet and find those litter boxes that will give your older rabbits the peace they deserve, anything less would likely end in it doing its business anywhere it pleases.

And I know how annoying that could be.

Extra tips for rabbit owners

Okay, so I’ve told you about why rabbits can share a litter box and the different types of litter boxes for your furry buddies. Now, it’s time to go for the jugular.

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How about some extra tips for rabbit owners all around the globe.

Keep litter boxes clean

Rabbits are classy creatures and trust me, if you don’t clean their litter boxes they would litter everywhere except inside the said dirty box. It doesn’t matter whether your litter box is meant to serve one, two, or three rabbits.

It should be cleaned as frequently as possible. Leaving your litter box for a week would do a great disservice to your bunny or bunnies. It would expose them to more diseases, it would make them inherently dirty, and worst of all, it would make them lose all trust in you.

Be consistent

Animals share a couple of characteristics with human beings and one of those characteristics is consistency. Rabbits are no different; they are bigger believers in consistency than even the so-called man’s best friend.

If you taught your bunny that you’d always clean its litter once a day, stick to it. If you taught your bunny that you’d always bring fresh grub to it every noon, stick to it.

Consistency is the soul of good business, but in this case, it’s the difference between you having naughty rabbits or having superb furry companions. The choice is yours.

Frequent vet visits

Rabbits are simply adorable, but they have a high pain threshold. Many times, if they’re experiencing pain, they won’t let you know until it’s too late. As such, without looking for signs of strange behavior, ensure your bunnies are regularly checked by the vet.

That way you’d be able to nip a potential problem in the bud before it escalates. Make sure your bunnies get the best health care possible, that’s the only way they’ll truly reach their potential.

ensure that your bunnies are regularly checked by the vet doctors

Ask for advice

There’s no shame in asking a friend of yours for advice. Especially if he has been rearing rabbits for longer than you have. Don’t hesitate to ask him various questions whether unorthodox or not.

However, the shame would be if you don’t bother asking for advice and your bunnies suffer for your silly pride. Also, don’t hesitate in checking the internet, reading bunny blogs, and watching YouTube videos on how to best take care of your furry buddy.

That’s one of the best ways to get super close to those adorable creatures.

Invest in your rabbits

Whether you are rearing them for commercial purposes or as pets, investing in your bunnies is one of the best ways to ensure they turn out prim and proper. Don’t hesitate in buying quality fruits and vegetables for them.

Be sure to purchase proper litter and pens for them. That way your rabbits will be the envy of other rabbit owners, and you’ll most likely have a superb and productive relationship with your furry buddies.