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Why Does My Ferret Follow Me Everywhere? Extremely Cute!

You may have known that your ferret would be a loving companion, but did you know he’d be following you around everywhere you go?

Ferrets love to be with their owners as much as possible because they are curious and highly social by nature.  They want to explore your activities, play with your toes and feet, and be reassured that you are there as a loyal companion.

Because they require social interaction from you, as a ferret owner, you must understand how you can nurture this need and provide them with a stimulating environment.

3 Reasons Why Your Ferret Follows You Everywhere

  1. Ferrets are naturally curious.

Ferrets have domesticated over 2,500 years ago with the sole purpose of hunting rabbits and small rodents.  They are naturally inclined to be curious about small spaces and holes while looking for prey.

Even when they were introduced as pets and became a part of the household, this characteristic didn’t disappear.  Instead, it is now enhanced with all of the interesting parts of daily human life.  

Your ferret will always be curious about what you are doing as you move from room to room at home! Once in a while, as you pull out new, exciting objects from the shopping bags, he might even jump onto you to investigate with you.

These interactions help stimulate your ferret and keep that natural curiosity intact.

  1. Ferrets are playful and love playmates!

You may have also noticed that, apart from following you everywhere, your ferret is also nipping at your toes or socks. Don’t start mistaking this as aggressive behavior because this is your ferret’s way of inviting you to play with them!

By nature, ferrets are exceptionally playful, social animals, so if they follow you around all day, they are most likely looking for a playmate.  This is important to know as you care for your furry ferret because playtime is essential for their healthy being.  

Be sure to provide them with lots of toys, tubes they can run through, and, of course, your attention since you are his favorite person.

Playtime is a great way to bond with a new ferret at home or to reassure your veteran friend that you are just as in love with him as he is with you.

  1. Ferrets bond with their owners.

Like dogs, ferrets have many characteristics that lead researchers to believe that they are capable of forming strong bonds with their owners.  

Ferrets will also become attached to the person who continuously provides for them. Naturally, your ferret will become more attached to you if you are the one who is feeding them regularly.

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However, it isn’t just about survival.  Ferrets have also shown bonding characteristics with their owners through behaviors like eye contact and cuddling.

These behaviors display a sense of trust and loyalty.  While may play with multiple members of your family, they are more inclined to trust the one person they feel connected to the most.

Knowing that your ferret has bonded with you, and is following you around because they love you, is essential when interacting with your furry companion on a daily basis.

Do Ferrets Get Attached to One Person?

Do Ferrets Get Attached to One Person

Many owners find that their ferrets bond quickly with a specific family member while just feeling average with the rest of other people at home.

This observation might be a little discouraging to the other family members, especially children if they like the ferret very much.

However, this bonding is usually due to the amount of interaction that the ferret has with the person.  

Typically the person who is feeding the ferret becomes the natural best friend.  This nurturing act provides a sense of stability, security, and delight for the ferret, creating a natural bond.  

Once the “food bond” has been created, playful invitations and the persistent following will soon happen.

Do Ferrets Cuddle With Humans?

You bet they do!

A natural behavior that would develop from a close bond between animal and owner would be the desire to be near each other.  This physical interaction is a way to show their affection for their owner and further deepen the special bond.

Inviting your ferret to join you on the couch for movie night, to snuggle in the bed, or even to go for a ride bundled up in your sweatshirt will provide them with a sense of reciprocated affection.

In addition to the emotional side of ferrets’ desire to cuddle, there is also a biological affinity for it. Their natural habitats in the wild are abandoned tunnels underground, a cozy, confined space.  Your cuddle time together can mimic this coziness, providing a safe, loving environment for your snuggly friend.

While you may keep your ferret in a cage while you are away, providing him with a cozy spot to curl into with you when you are home will give them that comforting sense of containment that they desire.

4 Ways to Show Affection to Your Ferret

Ways to Show Affection to Your Ferret
  1. Physical petting

One of the many ways you can show your ferret affection is through petting.

Like other pets, ferrets love to receive belly rubs, scratches behind the ears, and rubs on their backs. 

Since they tend to be playful, curious pets, it may seem like there isn’t a chance to give this type of affection but when they choose to settle down and cuddle with you, be sure you give them all the love!

As a responsible pet owner, this is also a great chance to check your little one for any injuries, bugs, or matted hair. 

  1. Hold them close

Your ferret loves you.  That’s clear if he’s following you around and wanting to be right by your side. 

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So show him a little love back, even if you are busy.

Picking up your furry friend and holding him to your chest while you work on your computer, watch tv, or read a book will give him the attention and affection he desires. 

That close contact gives your ferret the affection he needs and will fuel that special bond the two of you have created.

  1. Play with them

Just like other household pets, giving them your attention during an isolated playtime is a sure-fire way to let them know that you love them. 

Playing with your ferret can be as simple as sitting on the floor with him and his toys.  Ferrets love to chase and horde toys, so having a collection of small, noisy toys he can chase makes for a fun play date.

Because ferrets are such social creatures, this type of interaction will provide them enjoyment and show that you care about their healthy being. Playing with someone they love will help your ferret fight off boredom, depression, and the possibility of developing negative behaviors for attention.

Just like children, if your ferret isn’t given attention through playtime interactions, they could begin seeking out negative attention with behaviors you are not fond of.  Providing them with safe toys and attention will steer them away from dangerous behaviors like chewing on wires or escaping your home.

  1. Give them treats

Who doesn’t feel loved after receiving a thoughtful treat?

Your ferret is no different!

Giving an occasional treat outside of mealtime is a welcome gift that your ferret will love. Treats made explicitly for ferrets, or simply small bits of cooked meat are thoughtful ways to show your furry friend that you care about them.

If you have multiple people in your household that want to form a bond with your ferret, this is an excellent chance for each person to encourage that affection. While one person may feed the meals regularly, other people who provide treats will also be regarded as loyal friends.


So you can’t walk from room to room without your ferret following you?

That’s great news! 

Your ferret has fallen in love with you, can’t stand to be away from you, and wants to continue building your bond.

Show him some love back by showering him with affection and including him in cuddle sessions. This reciprocated love fest will not only set your ferret up for a fulfilling life in your home but will also allow you to receive all the joy of having this wonderful pet.