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Why Does My Cat Stare At The Door?

We all know cats are very curious, unique creatures. I’m sure almost every cat owner has found their furry little friend staring at walls, doors, or simply just off into space. 

Cats like to stare at the door because they are curious about the other side of the door but yet not brave enough to go out.

In this article, we’ll explore some reasons your cat stares at doors and help you figure out if they are staring at something more specific. While throwing in a few ways to help them, distract them, or understand them better. 

Seven Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Keeps Staring at The Door 

Curious About The Other Side

Cats, in general, don’t like having doors shut. Essentially, you’re leaving what is on the other side a complete mystery to them. For instance, if the door leading to another room is one that they frequent often. 

They may know exactly what is on the other side of this door and could want or need something beyond it. However, the other side of the door could be a complete mystery to them; one may feel the need to solve for themselves. 

Unless there is a reason for you wanting the door shut, opening it and eliminating the boundary would be the easiest way to solve the issue of them staring at it. Having open doors is leaving the area open to exploration, and our curious cats love any adventure they can dip their little “toe-beans” into! 

Hearing Something

There is a high chance your cat is hearing something you cannot. Cats have very keen hearing and tend to notice even the softest sounds. While we may not be affected by anything out of the ordinary, your cat may hear things you could. 

Sometimes, hearing things they don’t understand or can’t get to can leave them feeling on edge or anxious. 

Perhaps, in this case, opening a window would be the best course of action. Let the sounds in while having the novelty of not letting the cat out. Cats enjoy having open windows almost as much as they do doors. 

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Sometimes making them “chatter” is their way of showing you and telling you that they enjoy their time. Does your cat chatter when they stare at the door? Or the walls? Maybe whatever they’re hearing is giving them the fun of hunting it down, making their chatter. 

Need To Go Out

Is your cat normally an indoor or outdoor cat? Do they enjoy running out to roam? 

They may be staring at the door for you to let them out. For various reasons, of course, to go use the bathroom, to do something as simple as playing or hunting. Or maybe they just want to go out to walk around.

As curious as they might be from inside, cats get even more curious outside. They love wandering around, finding new places to hide or new holes to be searched—discoveries around every corner. 

Opening the door for them would be the best case for this, of course. Or maybe you want to put in a cat door, so they can roam freely, come and go as they please. Them always wanting to go in and out could very well be the reason for a new home improvement! 

Seeing Something

In addition to their keen sense of hearing, cats also have incredible vision. While we may not see anything with the naked human eye, they might be in a completely different world. 

In a cat’s eyes, a simple fleck of dust or a small bug could be drawing their attention to the space in front of them. Because our feline companions are so curious, they are the very best at spotting even the tiniest of tiny things. 

Lost In Thought

Sometimes just like us, our cats get a lot of thought. Staring at the door may just be in the direction they were having when they drifted off into their thought bubble. 

It’s not uncommon at all for them to stare at any inanimate object. Maybe just giving them affection or petting them will snap them out of it and make them stop starting. 

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Getting some toys out to play with them could be just as easy and way more fun! Although starting is sometimes caused by stress or anxiousness, giving them a distraction, in this case, may be the best route. 


Of course, your cat could always be confused by something. Cats don’t always know everything that’s going on around them, and sometimes the sounds they hear or the things they are seeing confuse them. 

Staring at a door or anything really could always just be them trying to understand what is going on around them. In this case, it’s maybe best to just leave them be, and let them figure it out on their own. 

You may want to distract them and find out why they are staring, but they may not even know that themselves. Cats get confused very easily and distracted just as much. We do, too, even as humans, and it’s a normal thing and nothing to be too concerned about.


While sometimes we think our cats are perfectly content, that isn’t always the case. 

Sometimes the cat is under new stress. Did you bring a new pet or person into your home? Have you been gone more than usual? Anything out of the ordinary for them can stress them out. 

Sometimes the cat is under new stress

This is again causing them to not know what’s next and therefore leaving them to ponder. Trying not to change much in your home is hard and sometimes very inconvenient. Cats don’t like changes, and changes are something they know not a lot about. 


There can be many reasons why your cat could be staring at the door and another million ways to try and distract them or help them. 

Remember, just like in any scenario, if you ever get too concerned for your cat and their well-being, call the vet and schedule them an appointment to get checked out. 

Just make sure that you trust your gut because only you know your cat best. Our cats are strange little creatures, and we always have to take care of them and show them just how much we care.