Why Does My Cat Sleep On The Corner Of My Bed

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After a long day, one of the best feelings is plopping into a comfy bed and drifting off into a soundless sleep. Somehow though, It seems like the second you move your foot, you’re met with a furry body.

Well, there has to be a reason your cat sleeps on your bed while the $50 one you got from Petco is left collecting dust. It’s important to know about our cats and why they do what they do. I seem to be asking myself this question all the time: why does my cat choose to sleep at the corner of my bed?

There are many reasons why your cat may be snuggling by your feet. The thing is, no one can truly know what goes on in the mind of a cat. Although, it would be great.

The fact of the matter is there is no one right answer. Cats are complex creatures and do things for a number of reasons.

Even though there isn’t one right answer, there are a few possibilities that might point to the reasoning behind this behavior. Those reasons range from a sense of security to enjoying the heat of the bed.

Why Is My Cat Sleeping At The Corner Of My Bed?


The corner of the bed typically has the most space. There aren’t arms that are moving back and forth.

When a cat sleeps in the corner, they have the room to spread out. They are less likely to be hit by the constant movement of arms and legs.

It is the most private spot on the bed, just for them! 


Felines are extremely aware of their surroundings. When they sleep they have to let some of their guard down.

When your cat sleeps next to you, it may be because they feel safer with you and they need that security to sleep! You might have observed how a small noise jolts your cat awake. That’s because cats are alert even while they are asleep.

In the wild, cats need to be alert in case they hear their prey passing by. Especially if a cat decides to sleep in the corner; this makes it easier to get out of bed the moment they start to feel uneasy. 


You might think it’s adorable when your cat is snuggling between your feet. However, they might not be sleeping there for the reason you think.

Cats are instinctively territorial

Cats are instinctively territorial. Your cat may be indoors-only, but they still like to brand things as their own.

When a cat is sleeping on a bed, they are claiming it for themselves and leaving traces of scent for when they are away. It’s very likely that your cat thinks that your bed is theirs!


Any cat owner will tell you how much cats love the heat. It’s confusing to see a creature full of thick fur crave more warmth.

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While you’re sweating bullets, your cat is laying on the hot concrete! Cats are descendants of desert animals.

They are built to love the heat. That’s one of the reasons they love cuddling.

Cats enjoy absorbing heat, your bed may be the best place for them to do that. The warm blanket and body heat make for a cat’s great night’s sleep.


Cats are champion snoozers and sleep away about 12-16 hours a day. During those hours, they want a comfy soft place to rest their eyes.

Your cat may be cozying it up on the bed for the same reason you are. It’s comfortable!

Why wouldn’t they want that orthopedic mattress you love crawling into every night? It might not be a  complex reason, but just because it’s enjoyable!

They Want To Be With You:

Another reason your cat may be curled up by your feet is simply for the reason that they love you! Cats are super independent beings, leading lots of times people to think that their cats don’t care about them.

But that is false! Cats actually enjoy the company. Just because they are free-spirited, doesn’t mean they don’t have love to give!

Is it Okay For My Cat To Sleep With Me?

This begs the question of whether or not it’s a good idea to let your cat sleep by you. Like everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to having your pet curled up by your bedside. 

my cat sleeps with me


Disruption of Sleep

 It seems as if some nights your cat has a million ways to stop you from getting a smooth sleep. Some nights your feet are trapped under their furry bellies; other nights you find them asleep between your feet, sprawled out, belly up.

Not getting enough sleep affects your health and can cause problems during the day. The disruption of sleep is what warrants a lot of cat owners to sleep separated from their feline friends. 

Cat Injury

It’s not only you that is affected by sleeping with your kitty. There are times that cats can get hurt sleeping by their owners.

They can get kicked and pushed around during deep sleep and lots of owners don’t realize! The risk of cat injury is definitely a con and could be avoided by placing your cat somewhere else for the nights.

Dirty Bed

Whether your cat is indoor-only or likes to go outdoors, they always tend to get dirty. From time to time you might see your cat walk into your room covered in dust and wonder how in the world that happened.

It could be litter being tracked into the bed or dust from sitting in the attic; whatever it is, it ends up in the bed. For some, it’s a good enough reason to break off bedtimes with their pet.



Many people adopt cats for the reason that they want the company. Naturally, they will want their cat to be there with them for the nights as well.

Cats help to fight loneliness and depression. Your cat being with you during the night can calm you and give great peace of mind.

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If you are feeling down, seeing your cat laying by you can help you fall asleep.

Helps To Unwind

After a rough day, what lots of people need is to relax. It is a proven fact that cats help their owners relieve stress.

Reaching over to pet your cat releases a happy hormone while at the same time reduces your stress! Many need their cat to have a stress free sleep. 

It Increases Bonding

When you let your cat sleep by you, it allows you and your pet to bond. If your cat decides to plump down by your feet for a night’s rest, chances are they want to be with you.

Letting your cat sleep by you increases your quality time with them and allows that bond to grow stronger. In turn, they will feel safer around you and this will increase the trust they have with you!

Tips To Keep Your Cat Out Of Your Bed

You thought about it and you don’t want your cat sleeping on the bed with you. What can you do? Try one of these three tips to keep them snoring somewhere else.

Tip #1 Get Your Cat Their Own Bed:

A great way to keep your cat out of your bed would be to get one for them. It may seem obvious but getting a pet bed for your cat might be something that will be the answer to your problem.

When using a cat bed it’s smart to keep it in a warm spot close to yours. This will make your cat feel close to you without actually being right on you!

Tip #2 Keep Your Door Closed:

Another way to keep your cat out of your bed is to close your door. If your cat can’t get in your room, they won’t be able to get on your bed!

They will be forced to find somewhere else to sleep. Pretty simple!

Tip #3 Use A Cat Repellent:

A great tip is using cat repellent. Cats don’t like certain scents.

cat repellent







You can buy one of these scents in the form of a cat repellent. All you have to do is spray the repellent on your bed.

This will deter your cat from being on the spots where you spray the repellent.

Final Thoughts

Cats sleep at the corner of the bed for many possible reasons. It may be for a reason such as claiming territory or simply because they feel comfortable in your bed.

It may even be for more than one reason. The reason they seem to gravitate to the foot of the bed is likely due to extra space and easy access out of the bed!

However, having your cat sleep by you might come with its disadvantages. It’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons before letting your cat snuggle up for the night. 

In the end, for whatever reason your cat sleeps by your side, it’s definitely a treat having them there!