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Why Does My Cat Poop Standing up? (6 Reasons!)

You see your cat using the litter box and cannot believe your eyes. Your cat is pooping while standing up! Although cats are known to take up all sorts of weird positions, you must still be puzzled why a cat poops standing!

This is a strange sight to behold, but there are many reasons why your cat is doing this. It could be something it chooses to do, or it could be something a little more serious.

Whether this is a quirk or something you should be concerned about, it is good to know why your cat is doing this. Read on to find those answers.

Why some cats stand and poop (6 reasons)

6 Reasons why cats stand and poop

There are many reasons why your cat is pooping in a way you have never seen before. It’s not every day you see a cat doing this. Here are some reasons why this is happening:

#1 It’s just a kitty quirk

Cats have interesting quirks. It is what makes them so unique. Some cats just have the habit of standing up while they poop with no explanation whatsoever.

They do what they want, and this characteristic is one thing that all cats have in common. If your cat isn’t showing other symptoms, then there is nothing wrong with this funny habit.

#2 The litter box is too small.

Sometimes your litter box could be too small for your cat. This usually happens when you buy a litter box when your cat is a kitten, and they outgrow it.

Even if your cat can move around a little bit in the cat box, there may not be enough room for them. Ensure that their box is large enough for them to turn around and maneuver into a comfortable position.

#3 Your cat has OCD

Your cat may have OCD. They want to stay clean when they poop and not get anything on them, so standing up to poop is the way for them.

Cats are picky, and OCD is not a crazy behavior for your cat. They just prefer it because they don’t get anything on them, and it is easier for them to use the litter box.

#4 They don’t like the litter.

Like humans, cats can have preferences. They may not like the texture, smell, or color. Who knows what they don’t like about the litter?

They poop while standing up to avoid touching the litter because they don’t like it. They’re limiting their exposure to it.

You may need to try out different litters to see if this is the reason. There are so many types of litter; just like you want to use a specific brand of toilet paper, your cat may want a specific type of litter.

#5 Constipation

Your cat could be trying to change their position because it cannot poop. Trying out a new position can facilitate movement in their bowels.

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If you think they are constipated, look out for these signs and symptoms to make sure:

  • Rigid abdomen
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain
  • Your cat won’t allow you to touch its stomach.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Your cat may also act a little differently than usual. If your pet used to be social and loved cuddles, it may become distant, grumpy, or aggressive.

#6 Keeping a lookout

This behavior may just be an instinct inherited from your cat’s ancestors. Standing up is a way of protecting themselves from predators in the wild.

So, if you see your cat standing up to poop, it may mean that they are trying to keep its head high to keep a lookout on the surrounding.

What should you look out for?

What should you do

Even though standing while pooping isn’t an emergency, it may still surprise you and may even scare you a little bit. Don’t be afraid. Here are some things you can do:

Recall when this started

Recall when all of this started. Knowing when your cat started pooping this way may tell you some clues to the cause of this behavior.

If you noticed it happened when your cat stopped eating, or maybe she injured herself, then these are good to know to talk to your vet about.

Your cat may have always done this, which could just be her quirk. Just keep this in mind when you see the vet.

Make sure your cat is pooping regularly.

Check the litter box and take note if your cat is pooping regularly. If your cat just started doing this behavior and hasn’t been pooping, he could be constipated.

If your pet hasn’t pooped or peed in a while, then it is time to call the vet. This is especially true if there is no pee. This indicates dehydration, and you need to consult your vet immediately.

Check they have recently eaten.

When you see this behavior, check if your cat has been eating regularly. If they haven’t been touching their food, this could mean they are constipated or have other issues going on.

You will want to consult your veterinarian if your cat hasn’t been drinking or eating for a while. Malnutrition and dehydration can put your cat’s health at risk.

If your cat has other symptoms with the loss of appetite, you will want to take note of this and consult your vet. Other symptoms may be:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of interest
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Tiredness
  • Vocalization
  • Distended abdomen
  • Aggression

Take note of any vocalization during defecation

Take note of any meowing or other vocalization while they poop standing up. When this happens, it could indicate that they are in pain. There shouldn’t be any pain when they poop.

This vocalization may indicate that there is more going on. They could have hemorrhoids, injury to the abdomen, or more. Your vet is better equipped to find the cause of this issue.

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Try two or more different litter boxes.

Standing up while pooping may be their way of telling you the litter box is uncomfortable. You will need to purchase a new litter box for them to try.

Although it may be tiresome, you may need to find a few different litter boxes before you finally land on one that your cat likes. Cats can be a little picky about these things.

Ensure she is facing the right way

Sometimes when your cat stands to poop, they may accidentally stand on the outside of the cat box. Try to face her the right way, so she is in the cat box, facing the right way.

The last thing you want to do is clean up after your cat when you have already taught them to use the litter box.

Ensure comfort in the litter box

Make sure that your cat is comfortable in the litter box. Don’t add too much litter that they feel like being swallowed up, but also not too little to the point nothing is being absorbed.

Try to clean the litter box often. Some cats don’t like to go to the restroom in a dirty litter box which can cause them to poop while standing up.

Consult during an annual vet visit

If your cat is still eating and drinking regularly, then all you need to do is wait till the next annual vet appointment to share it with the veterinarian. They can give your more information.

If you feel something is off, you can set up an appointment earlier than the annual visit.

Normal toilet habits

Normal Toilet Habits

To better help you, it is good to know what is considered normal toilet habits. Your cat should be pooping about once or twice a day. This number may fluctuate a little bit but not by too much.

If your cat is pooping four or more times a day or hasn’t pooped for a few days, you will want to consult your vet. They should also be peeing a few times a day.

Most cats normally poop in a crouched or hunched-over position on all fours. Or they will squat down. But standing up can occur as one of the positions for your cat to release itself.

Standing up while pooping is not quite out of the cat’s normal habits range. Sometimes cats try to poop in different positions to help ease this process. If this occurs with these things, your cat may be in pain:

  • Deep meowing
  • Aggression
  • Hissing
  • Struggling to poop
  • Taking longer than usual to poop

These signs could mean something is going on, and you will need to see a vet. It is always good to make sure with a professional.


When you see your cat standing up while it poops, don’t be too alarmed. Take note of the things discussed above and just inform your vet. Who knows, your cat may just be quirky.