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Why Do Pugs Always Look Sad?

Sometimes, you may be wondering why pugs always look sad. I often think this when I look at my short-muzzled, wrinkly, curled hair dog.

However, their facial features do not show their true emotions. Pugs, like other breeds of dogs, are lovable, sociable, cute, and happy.

When they are properly taken care of, they become highly affectionate. Still, their facial features and expressions perpetually make them appear sad.

Nevertheless, pugs can and do become sad occasionally. Yet, their natural tendency to look sad makes it hard to discern whether your pug is sad. Hence, we are going to walk you through to find out when and why pugs look sad.

When Does a Pug Actually Look Sad?

Pugs are lovely companions. If you are planning on owning a pet, the idea of getting a pug would be a beautiful one. Pugs are warmly playful, highly emotional, and extremely smart.

However, pugs do become sad. Pugs just like other intelligent and emotional pets can, and do become sad.  Some of the factors that make pugs unhappy are the following:


Illness is a major factor that can make a pug sad. When a pug becomes sick, it usually appears downcast, distressed, and weary. If you observe that your dog is unwell, don’t hesitate to hastily seek the help of a veterinarian, as its unhealthy state will invariably affect its emotions negatively.

Change in Habitat

Pugs, just like most dogs, are averse and are accustomed to routines. A change of environment may make them feel insecure and miserable. 

However, their unhappiness could be temporary. Once they acclimatize to their new environment, they will soon return to their joyous mental state.


A state of terror or danger can cause sadness in your pug. For example, constant yelling at your dog and thunderous sounds could make your pug panicky and frightened which may consequently lead him to depression, anxiety, and sadness.


Pugs are not as active as other species of dogs. They spend most of their time sleeping, this ugly routine may lead them to depression especially when they are always lonely.

You should spend quality time with your pug. Cuddling and playing with your pug will enliven his mood and prevent him from becoming unhappy.

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Always try something new with your pug. Give him a new task to practice to keep him from being bored.

Unfamiliar Caretakers

Your pug may become blue if he suddenly finds himself amid strangers especially when his new comrades know little or nothing about his signs and gestures. They can hardly decipher when he craves food when he longs for cuddles and others.

So, leaving your dog behind while traveling and going for other important engagements with people he barely has affection for may not go down well with your pug.

Is It Natural For Pugs to Always Look Sad?

Pugs always look sad due to their physical appearances, but these looks do not correlate with their emotions. There is no scientific proof, whatsoever, to attest to that.  Pugs are among the most sociable and lovable pets.

They are naturally sanguine, animated, cheerful, and lively; which makes them, all the more, man’s best friend. You too can consider getting one and also enjoy his warmth and jolly company.

Will My Pug Stop Being Sad If I Feed Him Often?

Just like when you have not eaten and are seriously hungry, every little thing irritates you. The same applies to your pug. 

Don’t forget: “A hungry man is an angry man.” When he’s hungry; he becomes touchy and easily disturbed to the point of becoming angry. 

Feeding your pug as and when due will always liven him up. You should develop a working timetable for feeding him to make it a routine.

Always balance his diet! You can procure the service of a nutritionist in this regard.

When you don’t feed your pug with a proper diet, he becomes unkempt and malnourished. He will become highly susceptible to infections and diseases.

Do Pugs Display Destructive Behavior When They Are Unhappy?

Of course! Pugs can become destructive when they’re irritated. When they are angry, they chew and bite anything within their reach. Separation anxiety is one of the major reasons for a pug to exhibit destructive tendencies.  

Pugs flourish in human company, especially their buddies. When separated from their loved ones, they can become depressed and sad.  They showcase their negative emotions by becoming furious. 

One major way to avoid this is for you to always leave him in the company of people he’s friendly with while going to work or traveling.

Does a Pug Snout Make Him Sad?

Perhaps, you will be wondering whether your smushed-faced pet’s snout accounts for his sadness. Scientists believe that suppressing a gene called SMOC2, whose function is the normal facial development in dogs and fish, makes pugs’ snouts squished.

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Hence, your pug’s facial expression is a result of his genetics, but it may not tell his emotional state. Barring some abnormalities, pugs are among pets with very stable emotions if properly taken care of. Developing a strong bond with your pug would help you to always find out when he’s not emotionally stable.

How Do I Cheer Up My Pug When He’s Unhappy?

Pugs do become sad because they are highly emotional pets. When they do, some of the ways to cheer your pug up when he is sad are the following:

Cuddling: Try to cuddle him while relaxing on the couch, with some gentle touches. Cuddling and caressing him would make him feel loved,= and relaxed. It will also endear him to you. Make it a routine at the end of each day.

Hiking: Just as you enjoy taking a walk to relieve stress, don’t forget to go alongside your pug. Hiking with your pug gives him numerous benefits.

Taking a walk with your pug improves and boosts his bone density, develops his muscles, and controls his weight.

Swimming: You can get your pug a kiddie pool where he can cool off. It’s a well-known fact that dogs like swimming. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs. It helps them to relax and reduces their anxiety level. 

Playing Piano: Playing piano with your pug is a good way to make him happy. Good melodies will soothe his emotions and also keep his mental balance in check. 


Pugs are highly playful and extremely affectionate. Their squished faces suggest that they are sad, but that’s not always the case. Just like other species of dogs, they are highly emotional and may become sad, anxious, and depressed if not properly taken care of. 

Pugs thrive on human company and easily get along with their owners. When they are in a strange environment, which may lead to depression.

They are not as active as other breeds of dogs and may spend most of their day sleeping. This may make them bored and more likely to develop sadness. You should make adequate time for your pug each day to cheer him up. 

Taking your pug for a walk, playing piano alongside him, getting him a kiddie pool for swimming, cuddling him, and feeding him with a proper diet are some of the ways to keep him happy and healthy.