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What To Do With Dog Poop Untill Garbage Day?

Taking walks around the park with your dog and giving them the best food is fun but what is not fun is having to deal with the result of digestion—dog poo. It is most difficult when garbage day is some days away, and you are wondering how to deal with your dog’s poo till then.

Not only is the sight of dog poo uncomfortable, but it also smells terrible after a while; hence you may consider keeping your dog’s deposits in sealed bags until you can dispose of the poop properly. 

Read on to find other ways to deal with your dog poop before garbage day!

Why proper dog poop disposal is important?

Imagine walking into your home after an evening walk, and then you realize that you have dog poop under your shoes; you know how that would feel. 

So, if you are wondering why cleaning up your dog’s mess is essential in the first place, this is one reason. 

As a dog owner, your responsibilities are not just to your dog alone but also to your neighbors and the environment.

Dog poop is bad for the greens

Dog poop typically contains high amounts of Nitrogen, acid, and toxins which is bad for many plants. Hence, having dog poop on lawns and other green plants is disastrous. 

You could have heard tales about how animal droppings can be good fertilizers. However, this is not the case for dog poop due to dogs’ high protein consumption, which results in elevated Nitrogen excretion. 

Hence, if you want to save green plants and the environment—you should not leave your dog’s waste on lawns or plants.  

Dog poop can contaminate water bodies

Plants are not the only ones affected by poop content. Usually, when it rains or when the snow melts, dog poop can get washed off into surrounding water bodies like lakes, rivers, or ponds. 

This action can lead to growing weeds and algae in the water bodies, eventually leading to contamination. 

Dog feces also contain harmful bacteria that can lead to infection in humans or animals that drink from or swim in these contaminated water sources.

Public health laws

Another reason it is essential to properly dispose of your dog’s excrement is that there are laws for dog owners guiding the disposal of dog poop. 

The states can bring legal action against anyone that fails to comply with the rules.

Where to keep dog poop till garbage day? (Top 5 ideas)

Dog poop would be easier to handle if the trash truck showed up every day. However, when you are not granted this luxury, you have to invent methods to keep your dog poop till it is garbage day, and we know that poop, even dog poop, stinks! 

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Hence, you need methods that do not just keep the content in but also the odor. Here are a few ideas to try:

Idea #1: Sealed containers or bags

Imagine storing dog poop for days until the garbage truck shows up; you can only imagine the stench. 

Hence the content and its odor are top of the list of things to consider when determining what to do with your dog’s poop.

To keep the content from spilling out and the odor in check, you should consider placing the dog poop in sealed containers or bags. 

You can have a container designated for this purpose alone; it can be a typical trash can or just an empty container that is no longer in use; ensure that you can seal it properly.

Idea #2: Compostable waste bags

Knowing your responsibility towards keeping your environment safe, using compostable waste bags is one of the ways to fulfill this responsibility. 

Using these waste bags for your dog poop is effective, clean, and eco-friendly.

Compostable pet waste bags are made up of materials that are easily decomposed. Hence, all you have to do is wrap up the poop in the bag, keep it till garbage day and be sure that the poop won’t cause further environmental problems. 

These waste bags are also effective because they are well-sealed and do not allow odor.

Idea #3: Use a diaper pail

Diaper pails are primarily used for baby diapers but also work perfectly for dog poop. These pails are just like your container and lid set-up but are explicitly designed for the job—they do not allow odor out of the pail.

Diaper pails are convenient and easy to use and can also store several wraps of dog poop which is perfect if you have more than one dog and would have to dispose of several droppings daily. 

Hence, each time your dog poos, wrap it up with a poop bag and then drop it off in the pail until garbage day.

Idea #4: Flush down the toilet

Flushing dog poo down the toilet is one of the other ways people deal with dog poo, especially if there is no liberty to store them up until the garbage trucks arrive. 

Waste containers and bags are a no-no to some landlords and neighbors; hence quick disposal methods are advised, and flushing is one of those ways. 

To help the poop degrade much more easily, you can use flush poop bags. These bags are made of non-toxic materials and break down when they come in contact with water. Hence, they are safe to use.

Idea #5: Bury the poop

Another way to deal with the hassle of getting rid of dog poop is to bury it. This is a great idea if you are unwilling to store your dog’s droppings for days. 

It is also effective as long as properly done—it saves you from dealing with the odor of keeping dog poop.

Hence, if you have space on your property, go for it. Dig a hole about six inches deep and ensure it’s well covered with sand, so you don’t have animals digging it out.

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10 tips to help do a perfect clean-up job

10 tips to help do a perfect clean-up job

Cleaning up after your dog is not fun; things can get messy and uncomfortable, but it has to be done. Poorly done clean-up jobs can lead to health and environmental issues. 

Here are some tips that are sure to help you do your clean-up job the right way:

  • Wear disposable gloves to prevent contamination while handling dog poop. Also, ensure you wash your hands after handling dog poop.
  • Remove poop immediately, as getting it off the ground once it’s dry could be difficult.
  • Use a disinfectant if the poop area is within the house.
  • Use a scooper to pick up poop from the grass. 
  • Ensure that containers and bags are air-tight to keep odors and insects away.
  • Keep bins far away from homes and your neighbors. 
  • Bag up poop individually before throwing it in a trash can or bag; this will help to reduce odor and prevent spillage. 
  • Make use of small wet bags before throwing them in the bin. Wet bags are waterproof and can be sealed completely, so they have zero odor.
  • Clean the trash can or container occasionally, as the odor can stick to the inside surface. Regular cleaning will help curtail smells.
  • Use deodorizers or nice fragrances in trash containers.

Is it okay to flush dog poop down the toilet?

Flushing down the toilet may be the easiest and most convenient way to deal with dog poop. However, many have expressed concerns about the safety of this method, especially when the sewage system leads into water bodies. 

Many cities have proper sewage treatment facilities to help remove pollutants and other toxic materials from the sewage before they end up in water bodies. Hence, it is safe to flush down the toilet.

But, if a septic tank services your house, flushing dog poop down the toilet is discouraged as it could lead to several septic problems, including a clogged toilet.

What are the laws guiding dog poop disposal?

What are the laws guiding dog poop disposal

As stated earlier, a dog owner has responsibilities to his dog, neighbors, and environment. Many states have laws for dog owners, and these laws include sanitation.

As a dog owner, you must remove your dog’s poop from parks, walkways, and other people’s yards. 

You must also properly dispose of your dog’s waste in trash cans, designated poop containers, or your toilet. 

Failure to comply with these laws may attract fines or other legal actions depending on the state.

Final thoughts

You do not have to worry so much about the next garbage day immediately after the garbage truck leaves. There are several ways to keep your dog’s poop until the next time trash is picked up. 

The decision to use a diaper pail or a disposable bag depends on how much you are willing to spend, your preferences, and the laws in your city or state.

Follow the simple tips like using an air-tight container and nice deodorizers, and you can handle problems that arise with storing dog poop for days.