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How Young Can a Cat Get Pregnant? (Answer might shock you!)

What’s cuter than a cat? I can’t think of anything really, except of course a litter of kittens!

There is a special joy that comes from having a pregnant cat in your home. Just the thought of a house filled with beautiful kittens is a nice image.

However, not everyone enjoys that thought and is willing to care for a litter of kittens. It takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention it’s pretty costly.

Some people would prefer to have their cat spayed as soon as possible to ensure they don’t get pregnant. So when would that be?

What is the youngest age a cat can get pregnant?

For some people, the last thing they want is a pregnant cat on their hands. When is the time to worry about cat pregnancy? The youngest a cat can get pregnant is around 4 months of age. 

What Is The Youngest Age A Cat Can Get Pregnant?

When you first adopt a cat it’s natural to want to know everything concerning their lifestyle, habits, and bodies. Being a first-time cat owner isn’t the easiest thing, and if you have a female cat, there is a risk of pregnancy.

If you let your female cat go out and you haven’t had her spayed, chances are she will get pregnant! Caring for a pregnant cat has its own share of challenges.

If you don’t want a pregnant cat on your hands, it’s smart to know when they could get pregnant in order to prepare accordingly.

Female cats get pregnant during cycles and periods of heat. Being in “heat” is when a cat is fertile and ready to mate and reproduce.

A cat will typically go through their first heat at 6 months. While 6 months is the typical time for a cat to have their first heat cycle, it may happen as early as 4 months.

Since cats may get pregnant as early as four months, that is the recommended time for a female cat to be spayed. Different breeds may affect the time a cat will go through their first heat cycle.

For example, Siamese cats tend to go into heat around 5 months while Main Coons tend to go into heat around 10 months of age.

Signs That A Cat Is In Heat

If your cat is unspayed and is around the age where they might go through their first heat cycle, it’s good to know the signs. The good news is the signs of a cat in heat are clear and easy to distinguish 

Your Cat Is Talking More

One of the biggest and hard to miss signs of a cat in heat is the amount of vocalization that female cats will do. A cat in heat will yowl, meow, and cry and it may sound like she is hurt or distressed.

Your Cat Is More Affectionate

It feels nice to have your cat be affectionate towards you, however, if your female cat is being noticeably more affectionate, she may be in heat. Your cat may rub against you a lot more and her surrounding environment.

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What your cat is doing is spreading her scent around the area. It’s very common for a cat to spread her scent around while in heat.

Your Cat Wants To Go Out

If your cat is inside during heat, she will want to go out to where there are male cats! Cats in heat like to go out to spread their scent and find a male partner.

It’s possible that your cat can smell the male cats in the area and she wants to go out to where they are.

Your Cat Is Grooming Themself More

Something that is common when a cat is going through her heat cycle is excessive grooming. Cats will groom their genitals because it is swollen and gives them discomfort.

If you catch your cat doing this, it’s possible that she’s in heat!

Your Cat Is Crawling

Cats will sometimes crawl while in heat. Their body will be positioned close to the floor.

This position might look strange but it’s a position that cats do for their male partners to see. It’s a mating position that female cats do to make it easy for their partners.

Your Cat’s Tail is in the Air

Similar to the way a cat assumes a low crawling position, cats will also keep their tail high in the air and off to the side. This is how female cats make it easy for their male partners to mate with them. 

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

Okay so your cat isn’t spayed, it looks like she’s been through heat and you’re noticing some differences in her. What are some signs that your cat is pregnant?

First, it’s important if you suspect your cat is pregnant to get her checked by the vet to be sure. The vet can run a few tests and will let you know if your cat is pregnant or not.

The gestation period for a cat is usually around 63 to 67 days. However, for some cats, it may range from 61 to 72 days.

Even so, a pregnant cat normally comes with a few signs that will help you out. A pregnant cat may have:

Weight gain

You might notice your cat is gaining weight. Pregnant cats typically gain about 2-4 pounds. The amount of weight gain is affected by the litter that your cat is carrying.


Unfortunately, vomiting is something that human and cat pregnancies share. Similar to how humans get morning sickness, cats will get sick and vomit at the start of their pregnancies.

However, if you notice the vomiting isn’t decreasing over time and is worsening, take your cat to the vet.

Increase In Appetite 

Pregnant cats will typically have an increase in appetite and it’s completely normal. However, it can contribute to their weight gain and it’s important not to overfeed your cat during this time. 

A Swollen Belly

If your cat is pregnant, after some time you’ll notice that their belly has formed a “belly bump” or looks swollen. This is because their litter is growing and they are started to show.

Even though it may be tempting, it’s important to avoid touching your cat’s tummy. The stomach will be sensitive and rubbing or touching your cat there could cause your cat or her litter discomfort.

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Pink Nipples

A little while into pregnancy, you will notice that your cat’s nipples are pink or red and swollen. This is something called pinking up.

This change is preparation for when your cat has her kittens and needs to nurse.

Increase In Affection

One of the best parts of a pregnant cat is the fact that they tend to be more affectionate. It may be due to feeling more maternal however, whatever the reason may be, it’s always great for a cat owner. 

Benefits Of Getting Your Cat Spayed

There are many benefits that come from getting a cat spayed and there is a reason that it is vet recommended. If you don’t think you will want to care for a pregnant cat and her litter, it’s best to have your cat spayed.

Spaying is a process that removes a cat’s ability to reproduce. Here are some great reasons to get your cat spayed:

Avoid Overpopulation

One of the biggest reasons vets recommend spaying and neutering your kitties is because of overpopulation. Cats will typically mate whenever they are in heat and this causes pregnancy after pregnancy and lots of kittens.

Those same kittens grow up to have lots of more kittens and it becomes a chain. Lots of these cats end up homeless or in shelters.

Millions of cats are put down due to a lack of adoptions. By spaying your cat, you can help reduce the number of kittens being born and avoid the risk of any being euthanized. 

It Can Lead To A Longer Life

An amazing benefit that comes with spaying your cat is that it can lead to a longer life! It can help to avoid uterine infections and breast tumors.

To help prevent your cat from suffering from these diseases it’s best to spay them before their first heat cycle.

Spayed Cats Don’t Go Into Heat

Spaying your cat will keep her from going into heat. Cats go into heat for several days to two weeks or more every two to three weeks.

Spaying your cat will eliminate their heat cycles, resulting in her being able to rest rather than be up all night yowling for a mate. 


While pregnant cats can bring lots of love and joy to a household, it may not if it’s unexpected. Knowing about your cat and its body is important for every cat owner.

Cats can get pregnant as early as four months. Depending on the breed, it may vary and be later than four months.

For a cat to get pregnant it must be in heat. Heat is when a cat is able and ready to mate.

There are some signs to help you determine whether or not your cat is in heat. If your cat is pregnant there are signs that will help you figure that out as well.

However, spaying your cat is a good idea and recommended by vets. There are very good reasons for spaying your cat.

Learning more about your cat and what is good for them can help them live a happy and healthy life!