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What Does It Mean When Your Rabbit Runs Around Really Fast?

If you’re watching your rabbit run around really fast, whether that’s out in the open or in their cage, you’re probably wondering what that means. Well lucky for you, we have the answer. 

Much like other animals, when you see your rabbit running around really fast, you’re watching a clear case of the zoomies. Zoomies are random outbursts of energy from your rabbit where they run and hop around really fast, seemingly uncontrollable, but they aren’t always random. 

Zoomies usually have an answer behind them, and we’re breaking down the three reasons why your rabbit is running around like crazy and whether or not it is a good or bad thing. 

3 Reasons Why Your Rabbit is Running Around Really Fast

A really happy bunny

If you’re watching your bunny run around really fast and zoom around the space, you are most likely watching their happiness unfold into energy. These random outbursts are uncontrollable excitement from your rabbit and are a great thing! 

Zoomies, often also referred to as “binkying” in rabbits, are a tell-tale sign that you have a happy and healthy rabbit in your care. As entertaining as the zoomies are, they usually last under a minute and will leave your rabbit exhausted by the end of it. Make sure to keep water close by so when they’re done zooming, they can stay hydrated!

The need for exercise

If your rabbit has been in its cage for an extended period, it will have a ton of energy pent up that will come out in the form of zoomies. 

When rabbits are finally out of their crate, they will run around really fast due to their need to exercise. They’re trying to release all the energy they built up while they were in the cage. So, it comes out in the form of running. 

It’s really important to allow your rabbit to have ample time and room to play throughout the day. Keeping them in a cage for long periods can lead to an unhappy rabbit. Try keeping it in a playpen if you have to leave it alone for longer than a few hours!

Mating mode

If your rabbit is running back and forth really fast, but it doesn’t seem like classic playtime zoomies, the answer very well could be that your rabbit is in mating mode. If your rabbit is not neutered or spayed, you have a rabbit that is trying to mate!

If there are other rabbits around, especially the other gender, your rabbit is running around trying to get their attention to mate. Usually, this frantic running will also be accompanied by noises from your rabbit, usually sounds that also grab attention for mating.

If you’re not looking to breed your rabbit, try and get it neutered or spayed before it hits a year old. This will prevent it from getting into heat and keep it more settled throughout its life! 

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Getting it spayed or neutered is an easy and effective way to keep your rabbit in the happiest and healthiest state throughout its life. 

How to Tell if My Rabbit is Excited or Scared

An excited rabbit

If your rabbit is excited, you will be able to tell this apart from being scared with a few different signs from your pet. 

First, the rabbit will be zooming/binkying around the room, which shows it’s happy and excited. The running around will be from good old-fashioned happiness from your rabbit.

Second, if your rabbit is rubbing its chin on you or other surfaces like a floor, carpet, or couch, your bunny is happy and excited! 

Chinning is a form of territory marking from rabbits that allows them to rub their scents on you or their own area. Your rabbit is basically claiming these as “theirs,” and they’re happy to be there!

The third sign that your rabbit is excited and not scared is if they start licking you! Licking lets you know your rabbit loves you and is comfortable!

A scared rabbit

If your rabbit is scared, it will show it through simple changes in its behavior and demeanor. 

In distress, your rabbit will begin crouching down and hiding from people or things. They will try to find little places to hide and stay until they feel comfortable enough to come out again. 

A scared rabbit will also begin panting, much like humans do in fight or flight mode. The heavy breathing will show the rabbit is uncomfortable and fearful of where it is at that moment. 

When this happens, try to bring it back to its cage or separate it from whatever is causing it to be scared.

Another way you can tell if your rabbit is scared is by how restless it becomes. If a rabbit is running around during playtime or after you let it out of its cage, the energy is usually a good sign. 

But if your rabbit is restless at random moments and can’t stop fidgeting, then you have a scared rabbit on your hands.

Restlessness in rabbits looks like excessive twitching, thumping, grunting, and circling. Whenever you see signs of fear in your rabbit, try to comfort it as best as you can to get it to calm down and feel safe once again!

Can a rabbit be TOO excited?

Rabbits love to play and zoom around when they are excited, but you shouldn’t be too worried about whether or not they can get too excited.

For the most part, rabbits will run or binky off their energy and excitement, tiring themselves out to a nap. 

If they become overly excited, make sure they are in a safe area, so they won’t accidentally run into anything hard or sharp that can hurt them.

Can a Rabbit be TOO Excited?

We want to make sure your rabbit is excited in the safest way possible! But once they get all their zoomies out, they will be a nice and relaxed bunny.

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If you notice their energy levels are not going down and the excitement turns to restlessness, try to calm them down and remove them from the overly stimulating situation until they return to a normal state. 

Other signs of a happy rabbit

A floppy rabbit

Whenever you see your rabbit flop to its side, do not be alarmed! This usually means they are happy and having a great time and feel comfortable enough to relax right then and there.

A happy flop, or the “dead bunny” flop, is a sign of your rabbit relaxing and taking a minute to soak up the moment!

The next time your rabbit does a little flop, give it some love by petting its fur or giving it some kisses so it can feel extra special and loved by you. 

Nothing is better than extra love for your little furry bunny!

A sploot

When rabbits are really happy and feel comfortable, they will often lie on their bellies with their legs stretched out behind them. Much like a dog when they sploot!

Rabbits can stay like this for extended periods, even napping in this position.

When you see your rabbit outstretched like this, give them a few pets and make them feel even more relaxed and loved. This is a great sign!

Nudging noses

When your rabbit begins nose-nudging, it can mean you have a happy and healthy bunny!

Nose-nudging can be your rabbit asking for attention, basically begging you to play with him/her. This means they love you and want to play!

Another reason they will nose-nudge can also mean to continue petting or stroking your rabbit. When you’re giving your rabbit some love pets, and you stop, it will nudge you with its nose to continue. It just wants more!

Lap jumping

lap jumping

When your rabbit tries to jump into your lap, it just wants to be closer to you and to keep playing with you! 

Sometimes, when your rabbit is having the zoomies and letting out all its pent-up excitement, it can’t help but jump into your lap!

This is an excellent sign that your rabbit trusts you and wants your affection. Whenever your rabbit does it, give it some pets or kisses on its head to know you love them!


As outlined above, there are many ways to tell if you have a happy and excited rabbit!

Rabbits are creatures with tons of energy who want to play and have a good time. They’re great at communicating how they’re feeling and letting you know exactly what they want and when they want it.

When getting a rabbit, try and get accustomed to how it lets you know they’re excited so you can easily pick up how it’s feeling, and when it’s letting you know something needs to change. 

But don’t worry when you see your rabbit zooming, binkying, licking, or flopping. These are all signs that your rabbit loves you, and it’s the happiest rabbit in the world!