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Should I Get Two Kittens From The Same Litter?

Deciding to get a cat is exciting. You are ready to have a furry friend come live with you to start happy memories.

Then, you get down to the shelter, and you see all these beautiful kitties to choose from. It’s hard to pick the perfect cat for your home.

Maybe, you decide you want two kittens, now what? Oftentimes, there are multiple kittens from the same litter. Should you get any two kittens or is it better to get two kittens from the same litter? 

Getting two kittens from the same litter is definitely a good idea and can make things easier, but there are possible disadvantages.

Should I Get Two Kittens From The Same Litter?

Getting a cat comes with a lot of decisions. You’ll have a large selection of foods, toys, litter boxes, scratching posts, beds, and more to choose from.

If you end up surfing the web you might be sucked further down that rabbit hole. With all the products out there to buy for your potential furbaby, you forget to think about the most important thing: the cat!

Usually, people like to go down to the shelter to see which cat draws their interest. However, what should you do if you want to get two kittens?

Should you just pick two cats that you seem to mesh with? Or is it better to get two kittens from the same litter? 

Advantages of Getting Multiple Kittens From the Same Litter

Advantages Of Getting Multiple Kittens From The Same Litter

Well, if you plan to get two kittens then yes, it’s a great idea to get two kittens from the same litter! If you get two kittens from the same family rather than two random cats, the transition should go smoothly!

Cats that are born and raised together are already familiar with each other and are likely to get along better than two cats that weren’t raised together.  Not only will cats of the same litter get along better, but sometimes they need to be together.

Some adoption agencies will require you to adopt two siblings because of their strong bond. A kitten’s transition from a shelter to a home can be stressful for both the cat and its owner.

The stress is amplified when they are put in a home with a cat they aren’t familiar with. It can result in a generally unhappy environment for both kittens that can lead to anxiety and depression if they aren’t transitioned properly.

Another benefit of adopting two kittens of the same litter they have already established a hierarchy between the two. Cats have this need for establishing a hierarchy between each other and you will find that every pair of cats have a system down.

Adopting siblings eliminates the stress of having to have that play out in your home for two cats who don’t know each other. 

Disadvantages of Getting Multiple Kittens From the Same Litter

Even though there are lots of benefits to getting two cats that are from the same litter, it isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, some cats do not get along with their siblings.

In those cases, getting two kittens will cause lots of stress in your home for both cats and yourself! Another possible disadvantage of getting two siblings is if one has health issues, it’s possible that the other shares the same issue.

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This can be hard to have to go through as an owner, and sometimes expensive to treat. Similarly, two siblings may share the same behavioral issues as well.

Issues like aggression may be found in multiple cats of the same litter, although it’s not always the case.

Should I Get Two Cats Rather Than One?

The sibling aspect aside, are two cats a good idea? Should you get two cats rather than just one?

The good thing about cats is that they don’t need to be in a group or pack to be happy. You can adopt just one cat and that cat can live a happy, healthy life.

Some cats prefer to be the “only child” in a home and bringing another cat in can disturb the peace. Here are some pros and cons of having two cats.


  • Company: If you find that you aren’t home often, this can leave your cat lonely and in need of some companionship. Getting another cat can give your cat some company while you’re away.
  • Helps Fight Boredom: Getting two cats will reduce the number of times your cat will get bored. Having just one cat can be difficult at times and you may find that they will want to play at times that you are busy. When they have a friend to play with, they won’t be bugging you to play with them as much and you can get things done.
  • They Have A Friend: Having two cats can help with stressful situations. There are times when your cat will be stressed due to a change in its environment. A change in environment can be anything from a new baby in the house or a recent move. Whatever the change may be, if your cat is stressed, having a friend can help reduce the stress and help them to assimilate to the change.
  • It Makes Training Easier: A great thing about having two cats is that training gets easier with two. When there are two cats, it’s easy for the other to catch on when one cat is doing the right thing!


Two cats mean twice as much fun and love to go around. Unfortunately, twice as much of the good stuff means twice as much of the not-so-good stuff!

  • It’s Costly: Having two cats means all the expenses you would normally have for one cat, like food, toys, litter, and vet trips are doubled! Having one pet can be pricey, let alone two. When deciding if two cats are right for you, you need to consider your budget and if you can afford all the expenses that come with having two furry friends!
  • Fighting: When getting two cats, you need to be prepared for fighting! Even cats that get along well are still bound to fight every once in a while. Conflicts can arise for many different reasons and it can be stressful to get things back on track. 
  • Things Get Messy: Cats love to knock things off of counters and just make a mess! Two cats mean two curious kitties getting into trouble and putting their paws where they don’t belong. If you’re not a fan of cleaning your cat’s box, two cats will have you running for the hills!

Getting Two Cats To Meet

Whether you’re getting two cats and need them to meet, or you already have a cat and want to add a new kitty to your home, you’ll need a plan. Just putting two cats together and expecting them to get along from the get-go, is unrealistic and won’t happen.

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Doing so may make your cat act hostile to your new cat and make your new cat feel stressed and anxious. Or if you just got two new cats and bring them home without a proper introduction it can also cause a conflict.

Whatever your situation may be, it’s important to go about it tactfully. Here is how to get two cats to meet!

  1. Don’t Force An Introduction

When you get a new cat, they need some time to adjust to their new environment, the last thing you want to do is force the cats together to meet. This will stress your cat out and it may take longer for them to talk to each other. 

  1. Let them Sniff It Out

Let your new cat or cats smell their environment! This is very important. Cats can tell a lot about things by smelling them. It’s a very important sense that they have and they use it to discover more about their surroundings.

  1. Give Them Their Own Space

If you have two cats you will want to give each of them their own space, ideally their own room. This will make them feel more secure and when they are ready, they will start to explore their new home. You can give them a period where they are allowed to roam around the house. Make sure to keep the one that isn’t roaming in their room to avoid the cats from meeting.

  1. Meet Up!

Place both cats in their carrier and let them meet each other by facing them towards each other. If you just got one new cat, place that one in the carrier. You can let your resident cat smell the new cat and their carrier. Let them meet this way a few times a day to get them comfortable with each other.

  1. Let Them Get Comfy

If everything is going smoothly and the cats are showing that they are getting along, you can leave their room door open so they can roam the house. This time, keep both room doors open so both cats can meet each other.

Watching over them while they are doing this is important to make sure that no fights arise. You can still keep cats in separate rooms when you are away or at night to make sure that they don’t fight until they are completely comfortable with each other.


Getting a cat is a special experience involving years of bonding and love that remains with you forever. Getting two cats is double the experience!

When getting cats there are lots to decide and one of them could be getting one cat or two. Whether or not you should get two cats of the same litter crosses the mind.

Not surprisingly, cats that are from the same litter typically get along better and quicker than those that aren’t related. Getting two cats of the same litter is a good idea but with everything it has pros and cons that should be considered.

The same is true with getting two cats in general. If you decide to get two cats, siblings or not, you need to follow a plan to ensure things go the way they should.

Adopting two cats might have some disadvantages, but any cat owner will tell you the pros outweigh the cons!