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Product Review of Purr & Mutt Pet Portraits

If you are looking for a gift to give the pet lover in your life, or you want to add a new pet portrait to your own collection, you may consider purchasing a Purr & Mutt Pet Portrait. These delightful prints place your own pet’s photograph onto the background of a vintage or pop culture body.

How do you know these portraits are all they advertise to be?

In this product review, I will discuss the description of the product, how to order one of these portraits, and my final thoughts on the Purr & Mutt pet portraits.

As a lover of pets and owner of 5 cats, I know how precious it can be to have a portrait of your pet. You want it to capture all of the beauty and spark of your furry companion. So, if you are on the fence about purchasing one of these whimsical art prints, you may want to check out this review.

Product Description

Purr & Mutt is a company that offers a wide selection of custom-made portraits of your pet. These are fun and whimsy pictures with your pet’s head on the body of a vintage or pop culture body. You can select Renaissance art, film and tv, occupations, and even minimalist background options.

The most popular product the company offers is art prints. However, you can also purchase art printed on cushions, blankets, mugs, phone cases, or clothing. 

How do you order one of these portraits?

To start the process of getting your own pet portrait, go to the Purr & Mutt website. You can see at the top where you can shop by theme or collection. You can choose the background and body you want for your pet’s picture here. You can even get portraits with two pets on them.

There are plenty of fun choices.

Even though I have 5 cats, I don’t have many pictures of my cat Blue. She is the most active of my cats, and it can sometimes be difficult to get her to stay still long enough to get a picture.

When I looked through the selections, I decided Blue had the face of a queen. She always looks a bit serious no matter her mood, and sometimes when she stares at you, she looks like she is looking down on you. So, I choose “The Queen-custom vintage pet portrait.”

Once you’ve selected your background, you can choose the size of the print you want and the frame color in either black or white.

The price for the print I chose started at $51.99 for an 8×10 art print without the frame. Most of the options start at this price or similar price ranges, based on the style. Then, if you add on the frame and increase the size of the portrait, the price goes up.

I decided to get the 12×16-inch print with the black frame because I intended to make this portrait the center of a small wall in my bedroom.

Taking a photo of your pet

Next, upload a picture of your cat. It is crucial to get a picture of your pet’s face that isn’t angled or blurry. You should get at eye level with your pet to take the picture. This will ensure the best results.

Luckily, my cat Blue was keen to let me take her picture on this particular day. I let her lay on the bed while I snapped about 20. 

Once you’ve got your photo,  you upload it and purchase the product. The company will send you a preview of the product in a few days, which you can approve or reject. At this time, you are also offered a chance to get the portrait digitally. This does cost extra. 

My thoughts

The art print shipped rather quickly. Only about 3 days after the shipping notification, I came home to the box sitting on my stoop. I was excited to unbox it and see what the portrait looked like in person.

It was placed in a sturdy box with a foam sleeve. It also had bubble wrap around it, so it arrived perfectly intact.

The reveal of the art print was perfect. My cat even came to check it out with her typical disapproving face, but I think she secretly liked it.

It’s hard to see in the photograph below, but the print actually looks like it was painted. My cat’s head isn’t just photoshopped onto the queen’s body, the fur looks like it has paint strokes.

There were no dings or miscolorations. The frame was securely on the print. The hook for the back came in a separate, small bag. So, make sure you don’t miss it.

To install the hook on the back, I measured the center of the frame on the top edge. Then, I gently hammered the hook into the wood.

I was a bit nervous about this step. I was afraid I’d smash the glass or damage the frame. However, it took very little effort for the hook to go into the wood. So, with a few gentle taps with the hammer, it was in. Then, I hung the portrait on my wall.

I ended up creating a whole display in my bedroom. I already had some printed pictures of my other four cats and some paintings I had done, so I used this piece as the center and built the design around it with my existing portraits.

I think it turned out nicely. I’m actually really proud of this wall. I think the Purr & Mutt art print completed the look.

All in all, I am very pleased with the product. I think it is adorable and well-made. I was also impressed with the company’s communication. (My first photo was too blurry, and they had to contact me to upload another.) The shipping was fast and the picture was well-boxed.

When I had friends over, I showed them the portrait. They were impressed. In fact, they wanted to buy a portrait of their pet after seeing it.

I’d say my only negative is that it is a bit pricey. You could possibly save by getting your own frame, but honestly, having it already framed was so convenient. The art print fits perfectly in the frame the company provides. Plus, frames can be expensive on their own.

Also, if you think about other types of art or decor you buy for your home, the price tag is similar to that.

Target audience

These art prints are great gifts for any pet lover you know (including yourself!) The historical backgrounds are fantastic for a fun, light-hearted gift. You could get a cute occupation print for the firefighter or nurse in your life. The Renaissance backgrounds are perfect for history lovers (or just because they are so cute!).

For pet lovers who also have a love of superheroes and other fandoms, there are some fantastic art choices there. For car lovers, you can even place your pets behind the wheel of some vintage cars.

If you have a more serious pet lover in your family circle, there are some nice art prints with simple backgrounds available. You can get a lovely print of your dog or cat with a single color in the background, a floral pattern, and even your pet’s name on it.

There really is a style for anyone here.


Overall, the Purr & Mutt Pet Portraits delivered what they promised: an adorable portrait of my pet. Purr & Mutt promised an easy process to turn your pet into a work of art, and they delivered. Although the price can be a bit high it is comparable to other decor pieces you may buy, this is a purchase that makes a good gift for a friend or family member. It also works great as a decor piece for your own home.