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Is It Okay To Lock My Cat In The Bathroom At Night?

Cats are pretty adventurous and free-spirited pets. They love to do things that are both inspiring and annoying. But sometimes, we need a break from their rambunctious ways, or other times we may need to separate them from other pets for a while. 

Either way, is it okay to put them in the bathroom at night to do this? Yes, you can, but with caution. 

Cats like their space, and being locked up in a bathroom by themselves overnight can be detrimental not only to their physical health but their mental health as well. 

You will need to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. You need to take many considerations if you want to put your cat in your bathroom for the night. 

It is not always the best practice, and to ensure that your cat doesn’t get distressed or hurt, continue reading for more details.

Is it okay to lock my cat in the bathroom at night?

Your cat may be bothering you at night or making it difficult for you to sleep. Or maybe you need to put them in the bathroom at night because one cat doesn’t get along with another pet. 

Whatever the reason, you want to ensure it is safe and okay for you to do so. Yes, you can leave your cat in the bathroom at night, but you don’t want to make a habit of it

It is also crucial you don’t do this for long hours. Small spaces for long periods are not mentally or physically healthy for your pet, especially a cat who is normally more active at night.

What to consider when locking your cat up?

What to Consider When Locking Your Cat up?

If you decide to put your cat in the bathroom at night, there are many considerations to take care of before doing so. 

This will help guide you to make the best decision for your pet and ensure your pet doesn’t become unsafe.

Is locking your cat up worth it?

First, is it worth locking your cat up at night? If your cat is bothering you while you sleep, there are many other means of distraction, so your cat doesn’t wake you up. 

You can invest in cat toys or even another pet. If they attack you at night, you can even think about locking them out of your bedroom. 

You don’t have to resort to putting them in the bathroom, which is a small confined space.

Cats are very intelligent, and although they can be stubborn, you can train your cats not to bother you while you sleep. 

Investing in a spray bottle to spray at them when they wake you up will teach them not to mess with you.

Does your cat mind it?

Some cats may not mind sleeping or relaxing in the bathroom overnight or for short periods. But some cats may not like it, and you will be bothered more by their meows than if you just let them be free. 

Pay attention to their behavior to ensure they aren’t stressing out.

Does your bathroom have enough space?

Bathrooms don’t always come in the same size. There are huge bathrooms that could fit an entire bedroom, and then there are bathrooms that have minimal legroom. 

You need to decide if there is enough space for your cat to move around safely.

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How long will you be locking up your cat?

How long are you thinking about leaving your cat in the bathroom? Sometimes you need it to be temporary because people will be going in and out of your home, while other times, you may be looking at it overnight.

A cat should not be left in an enclosed space for too long. Just like you, your cat doesn’t like to be cooped up for days at a time. They want to roam around and have a place to run or play.

Why you should not put your cat in the bathroom at night?

Why You Should not put Your Cat in the Bathroom at Night?

If you are still struggling to decide whether or not you should put your cat in the bathroom overnight, here are the many reasons why you shouldn’t do that:

  • The space is small.
  • Your cat will get lonely.
  • It could be detrimental to your cat’s mental health.
  • It will increase anxiety and depression in your cat.

The space is small

If you have a small bathroom, you may not want to leave your cat inside it. Your cat may be small too, but they are nocturnal animals. 

They do most of their play and exercise at night and cannot participate if there is no room to do so.

Your cat will get lonely

Even for more introverted and independent cats, your cat will get lonely being cooped inside a bathroom all night. 

Cats are sociable pets and need to have periods of time when they can be with you as well as look out the window to view what the world has to offer.

Could be detrimental to your cat’s mental health

A cat’s mental health can decline when locked away from everything. They need to play, have fun, and even bird-watch to keep their mental health high. 

Like humans, they need to be out and about to remain happy and healthy.

It will increase anxiety and depression in your cat

With a small space, no interaction, and no room for exercise or play, your cat will be at increased risk of developing anxiety and depression. 

You can look for signs in your cat if you do put your cat in the bathroom to see if they have become anxious or depressed:

  • Pulling at their hair
  • Lack of appetite
  • Excessive meowing
  • Increased weight loss
  • Lost interest in favorite toys
  • Extreme changes in behavior
  • They become more aggressive
  • Chewing on your items
  • Urinating on your bed, furniture, or clothes when they didn’t before

Invest in a good and entertaining cat tree

Locking the cat in a bathroom may not be a good long-term solution. What you (and your cats) really need is for the cats to entertain themselves while you are sleeping.

One good way is to invest in a good cat tree. Why? You might ask. There are a few good reasons:

  1. Firstly, cats love heights. Put a cat tree under a window and your cat will spend all her time enjoying the view outside.
  2. The vertical post of a cat tree mimics a tree to encourage scratching, which reduces a lot of stress.
  3. The podiums and shelters allow your cat to rest and hide from other animals in your house.
  4. Finally, if you get a really pretty cat tree by Polly & Molly (like the one in the photo above), you will be envied by other cat owner friends who visit your house. They run a 10% discount pretty often so no harm in checking them out.

So you see, having a cat tree that gets the attention of our cat solves many problems in one go.

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How to make your cat comfortable in the bathroom?

How to Make Your Cat Comfortable in the Bathroom?

There may be a situation where you can’t avoid putting your cat in the bathroom at night. 

Whether this is temporary or needed for a longer stretch, there are many things you can do to make their stay more comfortable:

  • Provide a place to sleep
  • Don’t forget food and water
  • Lock away toxic products
  • Shut your toilet
  • Give your cat one of your personal items
  • Give them a few toys
  • Put in a litter box

Provide a place to sleep

If they have a bed or blanket they like to sleep in, ensure you put it in the bathroom. A great place is in the bathtub or somewhere in the corner where they can feel safe. 

Cats love to be enclosed as if they are protected from predators.

Don’t forget food and water

Ensure that you have food and water for your pet. You want them to have access to necessities. If they don’t normally eat at night or are on a diet, they have water available to them. 

You don’t want them drinking out of the toilet or becoming dehydrated.

Lock away toxic products

You must lock away any toxic products your cat may get into. Cats will find a way to get into anything and everything, so it is best to remove any toxic products found in the bathroom. 

You can even think about child-proofing your bathroom. It is best to be safer than sorry.

Shut your toilet

Don’t forget to shut the toilet for many reasons. You don’t want your cat drinking from the toilet that has gross bacteria and other things we don’t even want to discuss, but also, your cat could fall in. 

Give your cat one of your personal items

If your cat is anxious or has an attachment to you, you can always put a piece of your clothing or personal item in their bed for them to cuddle up to. 

Having your scent in the bathroom will help keep them calm and ease their anxiety when away from you.

Give them a few toys

As said before, cats are nocturnal animals. This means they are up most of the night and do most of their exercise or play then. 

Try to give them a few toys to play with in the bathroom. This will ensure that they stay active and don’t get depressed or bored.

Put in a litter box

Staying in the bathroom for a whole night is quite a long time. 

If you don’t want your cat just urinating or defecating anywhere, you will want to put either a temporary litter box or the one they normally use in the bathroom. 

This will keep from any accidents occurring.



Your cat will not be endangered if they stay in a bathroom for a night, but it could be stressful or boring. 

Take the following precautions and monitor your cat’s behavior to ensure that it doesn’t injure itself or become too anxious and depressed while staying in the bathroom. 

But if you can avoid it, try not to put your cat in the bathroom for an entire night.

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