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Pet Owners – Tips and Essential Knowledge

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“I love my snakes i have 3 of them 2 big ones n a baby. 1 regular one 1 bannana n 1 spider, I love ’em all. My spider is my baby one.”
Tony Laura
Tony LauraReader
“I wouldn’t let her (my bird) get on top of the cage or be above your head, ever. When she tries to bite you push your finger forward instead of pulling back. That might help the dominance issues and make you less hand shy. Hope that helps.”
“I have a Gende Conure since it was a baby. My bird cuddles with me and turns her face sideways while laying on my chest and she covers her face when I call her baby (her or his name). Do you know why they hold their face when they’re cuddling?”
“Thanks for sharing what you know. It is a big help to calm her (my bearded dragon) down”
“I’m not going on a trip, but i would see you advice very useful. (i love bearded dragons!!! i have one named Zilla.)”
Hunter LaffinReader