How To Show Affection To Your Cat?

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Cats show us their love in their own unique ways. Sometimes through a dead mouse other times, it’s through cuddles. However a cat chooses to express their affection, it always leaves the recipient of it feeling warm and fuzzy.

Cats are picky about who they trust and show their affection to. Being chosen to be doted on by your cat is a process that is worth the wait. It makes me wonder, how can I show affection to my cat? 

Every cat owner loves their cat, but how can we make them aware of that love?  By providing proper care, rewarding your cat, learning some cat lingo, and other helpful tips, you can ensure your cat will feel loved.

Nine Ways To Show Affection To Cats

Cats give us so much company and love it’s only natural to want to reciprocate that to them. When you’ve had a rough day, sometimes the thing that helps to get through it is your furball kitty.

They have their ways of showing us their love, but how can we do the same? How can we show affection to cats?

Be There For Your Kitty!

The first way you can show your cat that you love them is by being there for them. You can’t bond with your cat if you aren’t there for him or her!

Being around your cat more often will help strengthen your bond with them. If your cat is more familiar with you, then they can trust you and allow you to get closer to them.

You can do this just by sitting with your cat! You can also have your cat join you as you do things around the house. 

Let Your Cat Scent-Mark you

Another tip to help show your affection to your cat is to let them scent-mark you. Don’t worry, scent-marking won’t leave you smelling like a cat.

Your cat has probably done it before. Cats scent mark by rubbing against things. Typically you will see your cat come and rub against your legs and may even headbutt you in the process.

When cats do this, it is a form of acceptance from them. Cats scent-mark you so that you smell like them and become part of their “pack”.

You can encourage that behavior by petting your cat or giving them treats when they come up to rub against you. 

Pet Your Cat

One way to show your affection is to pet your way into your cat’s heart! It may sound weird to some since some cats don’t love to be touched. However, when done right, a cat can really enjoy being petted.

A lot of cats prefer to be scratched under the chin and cheek area. You’ll know that they are enjoying the scratch if they close their eyes!

cats like to be scratched under the chin and cheek area

Always pet cats in the direction of their fur and not against it! Petting your cat against the direction of their fur might seriously irritate your cat and could leave you with a scratch or two.

You can also pet or massage your cat across their entire body. Starting from the head and ending at the tail, cats are sure to love it!

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Play With Your Cat

Playing with your cat helps to increase the bond that you share. A lot of indoor cats become lazy and snooze the day away. However, just because they like sleep doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy playing with some toys!

Playing with your cat allows you to have one on one time with your cat. Sometimes there’s some trial and error to find the right toy for your cat. Getting an inactive cat to do some activity may be a little hard in the starting.

However, it’s just a matter of finding the right toy! A lot of cats like toys they can run and chase after. Cats also like toys that resemble their hunting process.

Toys that will help flex their natural instincts are great entertainment.

Groom Your Cat!

Cats love to be pampered and it’s apparent by how much they groom themselves. Brushing your cat’s fur can help them out greatly. Brushing and combing your cat’s fur will help you to bond with your kitty.

Brushing your cats fur

When you brush your cat’s fur, it cleans the skin underneath, removes loose fur, and detangles the matting of the fur. Grooming your cat benefits them and you!

Not only is grooming your cat keeping them clean, but it prevents unwanted furballs and extra fur on clothes and furniture! It’s a win, win!

Feed Your Furry Friend

It sounds obvious but feeding your friend shows them that you care and love them. If you just adopted a cat, one of the quickest ways to get him or her to trust you is to feed them.

Giving your cat quality food not only shows affection but will help them to remain healthy. A tip is to take note of what flavor of cat food your cat prefers.

You can make sure to feed them that more often and your cat will get even more excited about grub time!

Treat Your Cat!

Treating your cat is a great way to show them that you care. Lucky for cat owners, there’s a variety of cat treats to choose from. Rewarding your cat with treats will help them understand that you love them.

Treating your cat could be more than just treats. Treating your cat can be rewarding them with new toys, a warm bed, or even catnip.

Catnip is a type of treatment that many cats go crazy for. It is safe and something that they absolutely love!

Fulfill Your Cat’s Needs

By fulfilling your cat’s other needs you will allow them to be as comfortable as possible! Giving your cat scratching posts and cat towers will help them to relieve any stress.

If you can’t afford a fancy cat tower, that’s fine! You can always fulfill your cat in other ways. For example, giving your cat their own special spot or area that’s just for them.

Cats like to be alone sometimes and giving them a place to do that will make them feel loved.

Learn Cat Language

Another way to show your cat affection is to learn their language! If you can learn some cat lingo, you can just tell your cat you love them yourself!

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Cats tell you how they are feeling through their body language! More specifically through the eyes.

Have you ever seen your cat blink slowly at you? They aren’t doing that because they’re tired, they are trying to say they love you. In the wild, cats are alert and practically sleep with one eye open.

They don’t let their guard down unless they are sure that they are safe and can close their eyes. When cats blink slowly they are expressing their trust and affection for you.

Reciprocating this slow blink shows your cat that you love them. Oftentimes if you do this to your cat, they will mirror the action! 

How Is My Cat Showing Affection?

Despite stereotypes of cats being cold and distant, they’re quite affectionate creatures. Here are some of the ways cats are showing you affection!


One of the ways cats will show you that they love you is by cuddling with you! If a cat doesn’t like you, you definitely won’t see them cuddling by you.

If your cat sleeps by you this is a sign that they have a deep trust with you. If a cat lets their guard down enough to cuddle by you for the night, it means that they love you.

When cats cuddle, they might start kneading on you. Kneading is a practice that cats do when being nursed by their mother.

If your cat does this to you, they view you as a mother figure! 


Cats love to groom themselves and if they groom you, it’s an intimate experience. If they love you enough, they will express this by cleaning you!

Grooming is a way that cats bond with the ones that they love. When cats groom their owner, their scent ends up on them in the process.

Cats enjoy sharing scents with ones that they love so they can smell like part of the same family.


Scent-marking is the process of sharing and exchanging scents. Although cats do this for claiming purposes, bunting is a much more intimate way of doing so.

Bunting is the rubbing against objects or people with the head. Normally it looks like a headbutt.

When cats do this, it is a big deal. Cats only headbutt people that they trust closely and have a deep bond with.

It’s a very affectionate way of marking you as their family!

Cats only headbutt people that they trust closely


Cats are amazing creatures and they provide the best companionship. Being so amazing, it’s only natural that we want to communicate our love to them.

You can show your cat affection by giving them proper care, learning their language, and by following some handy tips. Despite the popular belief, cats can show affection and often do to the ones they trust.

Making sure your cat feels that love is something every cat owner strives to do. So spread that love to your cat, just make sure not to spoil them!