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How To Remove Rabbit Urine Stains From The Floor?

Have you had trouble litter box training your rabbit? Has she been having a lot of accidents? 

Whatever the reason, many rabbit owners find themselves needing to clean up a mess on occasion. 

The easiest way to remove urine stains is with a pet-safe cleaning chemical or white vinegar. 

Read on to find out how you can best clean up your rabbit’s urine stains.

Five steps to clean the stain

Five steps to clean the stain

You will want to make sure to take the proper steps so that you get the best results and do not rub the stain in more. Here are five steps to clean rabbit urine stains from the floor. 

Assess the situation

Observe the stain’s size and color, and whether it is still dry or still wet. This can help you know if it is recent. You want to clean the stain as soon as possible while still fresh. 

If the stain has already dried, then you may want to start cleaning as soon as possible. If the stain is still wet, you have a little bit of leeway. 

If it is very wet or is a puddle on a hard floor, you can soak up some of the stains with a paper towel or other disposable napkin-like item. 

However, you will still need to clean the area with a cleaning solution to prevent discoloration later on and to sanitize the space. 

Depending on the location of the stain, you may have to choose different types of cleaning chemicals, which will be discussed below. 

The type of floor also matters. It could be on carpet or a hard surface. Either way, the basic steps are similar. 

Let it set

First, you will want to spray a cleaning solution of your choice on the stain. You want to cover the stain thoroughly, but there is no need to spill over to the surrounding clean area. 

Many cleaning solutions will require you to leave the mixture on the stain for a waiting period that can range in time. This is so the chemicals can do their job. 

It also allows the chemicals to do some of the hard work, saving you time and effort. While waiting for the chemicals to work their magic, you do not have to worry about watching it happen. 

You can set a timer on your phone or watch so that you do not have to stand by. 

Scrubbing motion

After waiting, you will want to wipe off the stain in one uniform direction or use a circular scrubbing motion. 

Avoid going back and forth, which just drags or rubs the stain around in the same area. 

Try not to press too hard because that could grind the stain deeper into the surface, leading to permanent discoloration on lighter-colored surfaces. 

Be gentle but firm and adjust as you go if needed. Work from the outside in toward the center to avoid spreading the stain to clean areas of the floor. 

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Use paper towels

If you reuse a towel or washcloth, you could be trapping urine particles for the next time you clean a stain. 

It is healthier and safer to use paper towels that can be thrown away when you are done. You can also use them to wipe up any debris or dirt that may be in the area.

Always follow instructions on the container.

For the best results, you will want to do what the company recommends. They created the product to be used in a specific way. 

They have done plenty of research on the best and most effective way to use it. Always be sure to follow any safety instructions. 

Some may say that you should wear gloves, and others may say just to make sure you wash your hands before and after coming in contact with the solution. 

They will often caution against letting the product come in contact with your eyes or be swallowed, so be sure not to touch your face accidentally or absentmindedly while cleaning. 

Types of cleaning chemicals to use and to avoid

Types of cleaning chemicals to use and to avoid

Use Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle is a company that specializes in pet mess cleaning products. 

You can even find a spray-on product specifically for small pets and cage cleaning called “Cage Cleaner for Small Animal.” They also make wipes. 

This is great for a hard surface like an apartment floor, and it is easy to use. It is safe to use around animals because it does not have strong perfumes that could irritate their lungs.  

Use Folex

This wonderful carpet cleaner is easily available on Amazon and is safe for animals and not irritating to the skin. It has been around for decades, so it is reliable. 

Every floor is different, so you may want to test this product on a small area to ensure it does not discolor your carpet or floor, because it is a little bit stronger than Nature’s Miracle or a home remedy. 

It is a spray-on product and does not need to be rinsed afterward since it is water-based. 

Some may say Folex is not ideal for pet stains, but this is because it focuses on the stain rather than the odor. 

Luckily, rabbit urine does not have an odor, meaning it is still useful for rabbit urine

Avoid Bleach

Small animals have sensitive respiratory systems, so you need to avoid chemicals with strong odors or particles that can irritate their lungs, noses, and sinuses. 

Rabbits must breathe through their noses, not their mouths. If you did use bleach already, the area should be allowed to dry for 24 hours before your rabbit returns to the space. 

Home remedies

Home remedies

White vinegar with hot water

Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Put the mixture in a clean spray bottle and use it the same way you would another cleaning solution. Spray, let it set, then scrub. 

You may need to repeat the process a few times. After you are done, rinse the area with warm water once. The warm water helps soak up any calcium from the urine. 

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If you do not have a spray bottle, you can soak a rag in the mixture. If you are doing this, add a tablespoon of dish soap for every cup of water. 

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

This is for tougher stains or for any that smells bad. You can sprinkle some baking soda on the stain first, then mix one part hydrogen peroxide with four parts water. 

Let the baking soda set for a couple of hours, then spray the liquid mixture on top of the baking soda. Baking soda is a great neutralizer for the acidic urine and is a great odor remover. 

You want to use 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can be bought at your local pharmacy, grocery, or big box store. 

Type of floor 

Hard floor

Hard floors are easier to clean because the liquid will not soak into them the way it would on a carpet. It is easier to wipe up the mess and then wipe it dry when you are done cleaning. 


Carpet is more difficult to clean because you may need to wait for it to dry, or the stain may be deeper than the surface. 

It is essential to remove stains from the carpet immediately to avoid long-term damage such as mold. 

Three reasons to remove your rabbit from the scene

Three reasons to remove your rabbit from the scene

Keep your rabbit from messing up the area 

Many rabbits are curious about what is going on in their environment, especially inside their home or what they consider to be their territory. They will probably try to “help” you. 

This might be walking all around and tracking the stain elsewhere. It could mean sitting on the stain or laying down in front of you for attention. Either way, it will not help you clean. 

Keep your rabbit safe.

Even with a safe cleaning chemical, you do not want your rabbit to consume large amounts of it. 

You also do not need your rabbit to lick the stain or lick up lots of carpet fibers if you can avoid it. 

If your rabbit is getting too close while you are scrubbing, you also do not want to elbow her accidentally or step on her feet or tail. 

Keep yourself safe

If your rabbit is getting too close and you push them away, you could end up getting scratched or nipped. Their tiny nails can do some damage. 

You certainly do not want to end up with scratches that will inhibit you from finishing the cleaning job. 


Depending on the situation, there are multiple ways to clean up your rabbit’s urine stain. 

Remember to assess your options and always follow instructions when using a cleaning chemical. 

If you attend to the stain as soon as possible, you will be able to remove it successfully. You can get rid of any discoloration or odor on your floor by following the steps above.