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How Soon Can A Cat Get Pregnant After Having Kittens?

Cats have a very short pregnancy compared to humans, at about nine weeks instead of 9 months. This means it isn’t an unlikely assumption that they could get pregnant sooner than humans. So how soon can a cat get pregnant after having kittens?

Physically, it is possible for a cat can become pregnant as early as four weeks after her last birth. Some cats even go into heat just a few weeks after having kittens. 

This doesn’t mean your cat should get pregnant this early after just having kittens. It could be dangerous not only for the next litter but also for the mother. 

Here is everything you need to know about your cat getting pregnant again.

How Soon Can a Cat Get Pregnant after having Kittens?

Your cat can get pregnant from as early as four weeks after having the litter and can go into heat even a few weeks earlier. But that doesn’t mean your cat should get pregnant.

If your cat gets pregnant too soon when she isn’t in the best health can cause many problems for the subsequent pregnancy (discussed below).

A common misconception is that if your cat is breastfeeding, then she won’t get pregnant until she stops producing milk. This is not true. She can still get pregnant.

The easiest way to understand if she is viable for ovulation again is to search for the signs and symptoms of your cat going into heat. This will tell you that she can get pregnant, but it isn’t a surefire way.

What Are Complications of getting Pregnant too Soon?

What Are Complications of getting Pregnant too Soon

Even the healthiest cats may not be ready for another pregnancy when they recently had a litter. 

Pregnancy takes a toll on the body with changing hormones, the transformation of her body, and health risks.

If your cat becomes pregnant too soon, she can have many complications. These complications include the following:

  • Lack of nourishments.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Stress on the mother.
  • Poor fetal development.

Many of these complications can even affect your cat long-term. These aren’t just short-term complications.

Lack of Nourishments

When your cat gets pregnant, the babies inside of her will take the nutrients they need, whether the mother cat is getting enough for herself or not. 

With this being the case, nourishment can be a big problem.

When your cat doesn’t get the nourishment she needs, it can cause many complications. These signs, symptoms, and complications include:

  • Dehydration
  • Blood vessel or heart damage
  • Weight loss
  • Hypertension
  • Miscarriages
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Diarrhea

Many of these can cause long-term damage that will affect your cat later in life and future pregnancies.


If your cat becomes pregnant too soon, she will have an increased chance of a miscarriage. This is because her body has yet to recover from the previous pregnancy.

It takes a while for your cat’s body to fully recover from pregnancy, and even more so if your cat had problems with the previous pregnancy. Her health should be the most crucial factor.

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Stress on the Mother

Pregnancy causes many extreme changes. This is to be expected when growing a whole new kitten inside. 

When the mother becomes pregnant too early, it causes even more stress. Her stress levels are already high from taking care of her kittens; becoming pregnant just adds to it.

It also doesn’t help when there are so many health risks as well. With this anxiety and stress, it can cause a miscarriage or even other complications.

Poor Fetal Development

Your cat may not be in the best spot to become pregnant. If her body has not yet recovered, it can cause poor fetal development.

Her body may not have replenished all the nutrients, nourishments, and other essential vitamins that were taken during the previous pregnancy.

When your cat’s body doesn’t have the proper nutrients, the fetus inside will not get the right nutrients to grow. It could become malnourished and malformed. 

How Soon will a Cat go into Heat after Pregnancy?

How Soon will a Cat go into Heat after Pregnancy

The average length it takes for your cat to go into heat is about 8 weeks, but there have been reports of cats going into heat sooner than this. Some have seen cats go into heat at 4 weeks.

But you may see your cat not going into heat up to 21 weeks as well. It really depends on your cat.

How to Tell if your Cat is in Heat

To better help you figure out if your cat is in heat, here are some signs that she is:

If you just see that your cat is acting differently, like she just wants more attention, then your cat could be in heat.

How to Prevent my Cat from Becoming Pregnant too Soon?

You can do many things to help prevent your cat from becoming pregnant too soon. It is important that she doesn’t get pregnant too soon for her health and her current kittens.

She cannot be in the best health for her current kittens if she is pregnant again. Here are some ways you can help your cat:

Keep Away from Male Cats

If you have other male cats in the home, you will want to separate them from your female cat. Your cat could become impregnated by them before she even goes into heat.

This will keep your cat from getting impregnated until she is in better condition. It is always safer to wait a while before she can have a new litter.

Spay your Cat

Spaying your cat after they have kittens is one of the best options out there. Once your cat is healthy, she can get spayed. 

Spaying will prevent future unwanted pregnancies. This all helps with the cat population. 

There are so many strays out there that are in need of homes that spaying will reduce the population numbers.

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The only sure foolproof way to keep your cat from getting pregnant again is to get her spayed. You will not have to worry about any unwanted pregnancies.

Isolate your Cat

Isolating your cat will ensure that they don’t become impregnated. It is best to keep your cat inside so that it doesn’t come across any other male cats. 

If your cat was able to get outside before, try to close any access she has outdoors. Not only do you want her going outside, but you also don’t want stray male cats finding their way into your home.

Understand the Signs of your Cat Going into Heat

Understanding the signs of what it looks like to see a cat in heat will help you take preventive measures to isolate her. This will keep her from getting pregnant.

Knowledge about the cycles a female cat goes through will only help you prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Knowledge will only help you.

What to do if my Cat got Pregnant Soon after Labor?

What to do if my Cat got Pregnant Soon after Labor

Sometimes it may be too late to prevent your cat from getting pregnant. Your cat may not even have gone into heat and warned you that she was cable of it.

There are a few things you can do to help your cat. Here are some of those things:

  • Take her to the vet.
  • Ensure she is getting the right nutrients.
  • Help her relax.
  • Give her a quiet space.

Take Her to the Vet

Once you suspect she is pregnant, take her to your family vet. The vet will let you know if your cat needs any supplements and how healthy she is.

A full check-up will ensure that your cat has the best pregnancy possible under these circumstances. Your vet can also advise different care plans or ways to help her.

Ensure She is getting the Right Nutrients

Your cat needs more nutrients and calories as it brews those little babies in her belly. You will need to get her the right kind of cat food.

You don’t want to get the cheap stuff. Get high-quality cat food with a variety of vitamins and nutrients that can supplement the need for more.

Help Her Relax

It is good for your cat to have activity while pregnant, but allow her time to relax. Give her things that will help her do so.

Try to keep other pets away from her that may excite her and give her time to rest. She is using a lot of energy during this time.

Give Her a Quiet Space

If she doesn’t have a quiet space already, provide one for her. She can use this space to relax and, later on to have her kittens.

This quiet place can be a little box with some blankets, a clothes basket, or something a little fancier. Ensure that other pets aren’t allowed here. This should be solely her quiet place.


Allow your cat ample time to recover before getting pregnant again. Pregnancy is a complicated and exhausting process. Take good care of her to ensure she stays healthy and safe.