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Do Guinea Pigs Like To Be Kissed?

Guinea pigs are such cute creatures that sometimes it is impossible to stop yourself from kissing them. But do they like being kissed?

We must look for signs of whether your cavy likes to be kissed and be aware of the health risks associated with kissing your guinea pig.  

There are other ways to express your love without risking your health and your guinea pig’s health. 

Read on to familiarize yourself with the signs that a guinea pig likes or does not like to be kissed and other ways to show your love and affection besides kissing. 

Should you kiss your guinea pig? 

Should you kiss your guinea pig

The short answer is you can, but you must know the risks to yourself and your cavy. 

You can pass your sickness onto your guinea pig, and they can also give you diseases in return. Even the cleanest guinea pig can encounter a disease. 

Never kiss a pregnant guinea pig as their immune system is more fragile than a healthy cavy, and be sure your guinea pig likes to be kissed, so you don’t make them uncomfortable. 

Kissing isn’t the only way to show your affection, and your guinea pig will love you just the same if you gift them toys or treats instead. 

Four signs your guinea pig likes your kisses.

There are many signs that a guinea pig loves your kisses. A guinea pig sitting nicely on your lap, who licks you, or bumps its nose on you, is showing you that it likes what you are doing. 

Continue to shower your guinea pig with all your love if they give you these signs. Just be aware of any risks. 


Guinea pigs show their affection by licking and grooming each other. Watch them to see if they will groom you. 

Grooming is a sign that they are comfortable with their situation, and a content guinea pig may lick or groom you to show they care. 

Or they may just like the salt on your skin. Either way, it is a prominent sign they like what you are doing.   


One of the best things a guinea pig owner can achieve is to have a guinea pig who loves to be in their lap. 

There is just something about knowing your cavy settles down in your lab and may even take a little nap. Guinea pigs can even purr when they are very comfortable! Absolute bliss!  

Nose bumps

Another way that guinea pigs show their affection is to rub their noses together. It is a good sign if your guinea pigs like to bump their nose on you after you kiss them. 

Try not to rub your nose on their nose, though, as this area could have bacteria that can cause you to become ill.

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Run to you

You are doing something right if your guinea pig runs up to your feet, begging to be picked up. This means your cavy really likes your company and you should feel proud.  

How to know if your guinea pig doesn’t like your kisses?

How to know if your guinea pig doesn’t like your kisses

There are a few signs you can watch for to see if your guinea pig likes your kisses. 

Biting, loud squeaks, or squirming to get away are all signs that your cavy does not enjoy what you are doing to them. 

Don’t kiss them if they don’t like it. You can show your affection in other ways without kissing them. 


If your guinea pig is trying to get away from you after a kiss, LET THEM GO. They don’t like it, and you shouldn’t force your cavy to endure it. Show your affection with treats or toys instead. 


Bites are another way to know that your guinea pig does not like your kisses. Bites can really hurt, so release them. Try to give them a snack to show that you are sorry.   

Teeth Chattering

If you kiss your guinea pig and hear their teeth chatter at you, stop what you are doing right away. This is a warning sign that it is not happy. Place your guinea pig down and give them space.

Fluffing their fur

Just like a cat, a guinea pig may fluff up its fur to appear bigger and try to scare you away. Soothing sounds may help your guinea pig calm down and help them get more comfortable with you. 


A guinea pig that is very vocal about anything you are doing may show that they are not happy. Loud squeaks or hissing show they are scared. A scared guinea pig is not a happy guinea pig. 


Yes, you read that right. A guinea pig may pee on you if they are terrified or unhappy. This is messy and not fun at all.     

When and where to kiss your guinea pig? 

In a perfect world, we could kiss our guinea pigs all the time without the risk of infectious diseases. Unfortunately, that is not the case, so we really need to choose the right time to give our kisses.   

The best time to kiss your guinea pig is right after a thorough bath. A bath can wash away all the dirt and grime they may carry around with them in their enclosure and reduce the risk of diseases. 

The best place to kiss your guinea pig is right on top of their little head. Reduce your kissing only to this area as it is safer and above the ground where they poop. 

If you must kiss your cavy any other time, just remember the risks and wash yourself afterwards.  

Health concerns when kissing your guinea pig 

What are the health concerns when kissing your guinea pig

It is crucial to know what you can contract from your guinea pig and know the dangers of passing your germs to your precious friend. 

Pregnant women are more at risk when it comes to guinea pig care, as some diseases can harm the unborn baby. If you are pregnant, have someone else clean your cavy’s enclosure. 

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Use gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterward if you must do it yourself. In fact, wash after every interaction with your cavy so as to not contaminate anything you touch.   


Toxoplasmosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, staphylococcus aureus, and salmonella are diseases guinea pigs could carry. 

Toxoplasmosis and lymphocytic choriomeningitis are especially harmful to pregnant women as they have detrimental effects on their unborn children. 

These diseases can cause birth defects or even miscarriages.

A scratch could cause staphylococcus aureus or a staph infection. If your scratch is swelling, red, and warm to the touch, it is most likely infected and needs to be treated. 

Salmonella could infect your guinea pig by the uneaten food throughout their enclosure. 

To prevent this from happening, make sure you take out any uneaten food daily and make a thorough check to ensure they haven’t hidden food around. 

Guinea pigs

Never kiss your guinea pig if you are sick. Just as they could pass a sickness to you, you can give your sickness to your guinea pig. 

A sick guinea pig is very serious and may need an expensive vet visit to recover. If you can help it, never handle your guinea pig when you feel ill. 

The HSV 1 virus is a virus you could give to your cavy. It can cause swelling in your guinea pig’s brain and lead to death, so we must be careful.

Alternative ways to show affection besides kissing

You may not want to kiss your cavy once you know what diseases your guinea pig could harbor. And that’s okay! 

There are plenty of other ways you can show your affection. Three things you can do besides kissing are hand feeding, giving them attention, and cuddling.


Hand-feeding your guinea pigs their favorite foods can help with bonding and showing that you love them. 

Treats are always fun to give to your guinea pig, but try to stay away from bagged treats from pet stores. 

Instead, give them a slice of fresh fruit or their favorite vegetable! Guinea pigs love red bell pepper and bananas, so consider having some on hand.  


You can give your guinea pig many toys to play with. Something as simple as a toilet paper roll can joyfully fill a cavy’s day. 

Another great way to give your cavy attention is to make an obstacle course for them to make their way through. You can add treats for them to find. 


If your guinea pig is comfortable being held for a longer time, consider cuddles. Just holding your guinea pig gently and petting it can show your guinea pig you love them. 

You can also hit two birds with one stone by picking up a brush and gently grooming your guinea pig. 

Remember to pet your guinea pig on the upper back, cheeks, or head, as your guinea pig may become unhappy if you pet them near its butt. 

They can take this action as a sign of dominance, which can ruin your cuddle session.