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Do Bunnies Eat Vincas?

Bunnies can be very picky creatures when it comes to what will go into those cute mouths of theirs. Not every plant is edible, so you need to be careful with what they consume.

Luckily, bunnies are very perceptive creatures, and they know how to sort the good from the bad. This ability is super important because some of those seemingly healthy plants you see could be very dangerous and downright poisonous if consumed.

That’s why it’s a great idea to desist from ‘surprising’ your bunny with a salad of plants, and let the bunny do the picking by itself. That’s the only way to ensure that they do not consume something that results in an early bunny funeral. 

So do bunnies eat vincas?

No, they don’t. Vincas might look normal and juicy for the not-so-enlightened eyes of humans, but rabbits can immediately spot the crass.

The typical rabbit would steer very clear of vincas after the first whiff, that’s because they know the sour taste that comes with consuming such a plant. There are a couple of things you certainly need to know when feeding your bunny.

And that’s why we’ll take you on a brief ride. Let’s see what we got here.

Why don’t bunnies eat vincas?

But they look so much like the stuff we see on TV, you certainly can’t be telling the truth, these vincas look super edible. What’s the big deal anyway?

Would they die if they take a few nibbles from a vinca plant? Why are you being so economical with the truth?

These are some of the many questions we get from bunny owners as regards this vinca conundrum. However, we’re here to show you in all clear terms why feeding your bunnies Vinca is a very bad idea! 

They aren’t tasty 

It’s not unusual to find your newly born bunny snooping around and nibbling random plants. There is no big deal in this, as they are simply checking out the ones they find edible.

When they reach the vinca, just observe as they take a few nibbles and hurry away. This is because vincas don’t taste good. Although they are not poisonous, they certainly aren’t high on the bunny’s preference scale.

After this first experiment, it’s doubtful your bunny would visit the Vinca ever again. It’s just like a human being trapped in a forest, there’s nothing he won’t nibble on.

However, after some time he will settle for the tasty and discard the sour. That’s exactly what rabbits do in the case of Vinca.

They aren’t impatiens

Impatiens are a type of plant that is sumptuous for herbivores, most especially your furry buddies. There seems to be an unspoken pact amongst them that says, any Impatiens found must be summarily devoured.

That’s why these plants are the favorites of the typical rabbit, whether newly born or veteran. However, as you must have observed, Impatiens and Vincas look very much alike.

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So it’s quite simple if you were a bunny which one would you take? The tasty Impatiens or the bitter and sour Vinca that only looks good on camera.

That’s right, I know what your answer would be.


It all seems out of preference and gut feeling. Since vincas aren’t poisonous, it’s a little shocking to find out that rabbits steer clear of them.

It all boils down to one thing – preference. Rabbits simply prefer to eat other stuff, for whatever reason.

Sadly, vincas simply do not cut, impatiens seem higher up the list. And we bunny owners simply have to live with that.

Things that are safe for bunnies to eat

As much as bunnies are prone to nibbling on just about anything they set their eyes on, it’s very apparent just by observing them for a wee bit of time that these creatures are as picky as it comes. They can nibble anything, but they are very careful about what goes into those mouths of theirs.

That’s why we created a little list for bunny owners to go through, that way they’ll know what their bunnies find acceptable as a food item.


Roses are red, violets are blue, humans love them and bunnies do too. These plants are some of the most beautiful known to planet Earth, but rabbits aren’t that big on their attractive outlook.

Instead, they are big on the fact that these plants are simply sumptuous to consume. Rose bushes are quite safe for rabbits to chew on.

This includes the leaves, twigs, branches, and flowers. Rose petals are also desirable as a yummy snack for most rabbits.

If you want to spoil your furry buddy, you can offer them fresh or even dried. Consuming roses have no detrimental effects on bunnies, instead, they make them very happy and super excited anytime they notice it’s lunchtime.


Much like roses, these plants are so easy on the eyes of human beings and quite desirable for the tummies of those furry buddies. Sunflowers hold a very special place in the hearts of bunnies.

That’s why we have it on this list, and that’s why it’s probably high up the list of your bunny too. The whole sunflower is safe for rabbits, these include the flower, leaves, stem, and seeds.

bunnies eating sunflowers

However, be sure to practice limitations and discipline, especially with sunflower seeds. They are high in fat and can cause digestive problems if consumed by your bunny in high amounts.

So it’s best to only give the seeds to your rabbit as mere treats instead of a full meal. That way you’ll avoid extra trips to the vet.


Not only are these plants named admirably, but they are also held in high regard by the typical bunny. They are super safe to consume, and they are also super sweet to nibble on.

However, when something is sweet, you need to practice moderation to avoid abuse. The flowers, leaves, and stems are all safe for rabbits and completely edible.

Just be super careful when having your bunnies around your lovely jasmine plant. Those furry terrors would consume them in full without as much as a blink of an eye.

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Things that aren’t safe for bunnies to eat

unsafe food for rabbits

Bunnies have a special digestive system. These bunnies know this, and that’s why they steer clear of things that might be edible for others but harmful to them.

However, a few factors could make these bunnies have no choice but to consume these things which would almost certainly lead to a bunny funeral. That’s why we compiled a few of them in this piece, kindly go through them and keep them far away from your furry buddy.


As I said, some plants that are absolute favorites for the typical human being could be very detrimental to your cute bunny. One of these food items is avocado.

While the avocado is an absolute delicacy for the typical man, it should be painstakingly kept away from your furry buddy. According to numerous trusted sources, avocados can be very deadly if consumed by a bunny.

So please, once again keep them far away from your pet rabbit.

Hamster food

They might look alike and occasionally serve as awesome companions for your furry buddy, but don’t make the mistake, hamster food is simply horrible for rabbits. Rabbits are delicate creatures and they require a meal that contains a special high-fiber diet—think high-quality Timothy hay, fresh vegetables, and herbs.

Hamster food on the other hand is not nearly as nutritional or even fulfilling. That’s why you should keep your rabbits away from your hamster’s stash.

If they get used to eating the hamster’s food, it could lead to long-term effects such as ill health or possibly death. And we know you won’t want your furry buddy six feet under.


Okay, we get it, even though potatoes would not poison rabbits or necessarily give them a shorter lifespan, this meal can be left off your bunny’s diet. Why, because potatoes are high in carbohydrates and starch, both of which can cause issues for your bunny’s digestive system.

It’s just like with human beings, we are advised to avoid eating things that add fat and do not necessarily benefit our growth. It is the same idea when you feed bunnies potatoes. They won’t add to their nutritional value, and after some time, they could cause genuine harm to their digestive system.

can rabbits eat potatoes?


As the saying goes, prepare what you love at all costs. Bunnies might be smart, picky, and rather sophisticated.

But, don’t forget that they are still merely animals, what you do goes a long way in ensuring they are healthy. As a result, it would be a great idea to keep them away from vincas and other similar plants that add zero nutritional benefits to their diets.

That’s why we made this list, and that’s why we got your bunnies covered. Feed your bunny with the right stuff and watch it grow up and live a healthy bunny life, do the wrong thing and well, we won’t want to see the sad aftermath.