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Do Budgies Like Music?

If you’ve ever seen a viral video of a large parrot jamming out to music, you may wonder if your smaller bird will enjoy songs just as much. As much as people like listening to music, why wouldn’t our budgies?

Although they may make plenty of noise, budgies are surprisingly sensitive to the sounds around them.

Depending on your bird, sounds such as singing or jungle noises can be excellent sources of enrichment or major stressors.

Most budgies like to listen to music, but it’s essential to pay attention to what sorts of songs we play for them and how loud. 

Many budgies are disturbed by loud music and noises, so knowing what to play and when is always key.

This article will outline what sort of music budgies enjoy and how to play songs for them.

Why Do Budgies Like Music?

Why Do Budgies Like Music?

It’s well known that budgies adore most kinds of music. There are several reasons for this, both biological and social.

Budgies Are Made to Enjoy Patterns in Songs

Like humans, budgies have highly specialized brains to pick up patterns in sounds and music. This has origins in their mating calls and courtship, but has expanded to any sort of auditory pattern.

Music is full of patterns, from regular beats to repeating melodies, and birds are perfectly equipped to pick up on them all.

Budgies, in particular, are excellent at mimicking sounds they like, and some budgies can even learn to sing or whistle the songs they listen to!

Even when not mimicking music, male budgies, in particular, will often sing or chirp in a melodic manner.

Birds Like the Social Aspects of Music

One aspect of listening to music that makes birds happy isn’t the sounds themselves but the social part.

Wild budgies live in large flocks of several dozen to a few hundred birds. These flocks typically eat, sleep, and fly together for safety.

A pet budgie has a limited flock of you and your family and still needs to regularly interact with you to be happy.

The more things a captive bird can do with its flock, the happier it is. This includes singing and dancing along to music together with human and feathered friends!

Many Owners Report That Their Birds Love Music

Outside of theoretical reasons, many budgie owners claim that their birds love listening to music.

According to their owners, individual birds appear to have their own preferences in terms of genre, artist, and even songs.

Some owners even make playlists for their birds of songs they enjoy!

For the most part, owners report that listening to music, regardless of the style, is an all-around enjoyable activity for their budgies.

What Sort of Music Do Budgies Like?

What Sort of Music Do Budgies Like?

Just like us, every budgie has its own individual preferences. That said, some types of music seem to appeal to them more than others.

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Birds Love Dramatic Songs

As sound-oriented and social creatures, birds are drawn to songs with a lot of emotion in them. Happy or dramatic vocals are sure to catch their attention.

Budgies often get excited with fast-paced songs. They appreciate the energy found in rock or other high-tempo music and may dance or sing along to them.

Birds Like Songs With Heavy Beats

As previously mentioned, birds adore songs with patterns. Naturally, they are fond of songs with prominent beats and recurrent melodies.

Genres such as R&B or pop will easily catch your bird’s attention.

These songs are easy for your bird to dance along to, and for many birds, that’s half the fun!

Budgies Find Some Types of Music Calming

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many birds enjoy calming music, especially while napping.

Soft songs with a low pace and predictable melody can lull your feathered friend to sleep.

Playing a song at a low volume can help act as white noise for your budgie to sleep uninterrupted.

Classical or instrumental music is often the preferred choice for sleepy birds, but others may enjoy soft pop or jazz.

Budgies Are Scared by Some Genres

Although budgies can like any genre, certain genres are more likely to scare or upset them. Heavy metal with its loud, rapidly-changing noises can be intimidating, as can aggressive rap.

Experimental music or electronic music may be too unpredictable and unsettle your bird. Specific high pitches may remind them of alarm calls.

That said, preferred music is up to the individual bird, and a bird can enjoy any genre.

Many otherwise pleasant songs can upset your bird when played at a loud volume or at a bad time.

Conversely, these scary genres can be a lot of fun for your bird when played at a low volume.

Is It a Good Idea to Play Music for My Budgie?

Is It a Good Idea to Play Music for My Budgie?

Now that we’ve established that budgies enjoy music, you may still be wondering if it’s a good idea to play it. It can be a good idea to play music as long as you keep a few things in mind.

Music Entertains Budgies

Once you consider volume level, genre, and your bird’s comfort, music is a great way to keep your budgie entertained and comforted throughout the day.

Before you play music for your budgie when it’s alone, you should try to monitor it while introducing music.

If your budgie acts stressed, you should change the song or turn off the music altogether.

The main way to tell a budgie is scared is that their feathers will flatten against their bodies. There is further information on signs of stress below.

Play at a Low Volume

It’s important to always play music at a low volume so that your bird does not get stressed. As with humans, playing music too loudly can damage your budgie’s hearing!

You should keep any music especially low and calm during your budgie’s designated resting time. If your bird’s sleep appears to be interrupted by the music, you should turn it off before bedtime.

Music With Bird Sounds May Not Be a Good Idea

Depending on your bird, songs with bird calls in them may have a positive or negative impact.

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Budgies are often kept entertained or comforted by bird sounds, but if they do not have any budgie friends or you are gone from the house, it may make them feel lonely.

Songs with bird sounds are great supplements for your bird but should never replace quality time together. Instead, these sorts of songs should ideally be played with you in the room.

Try Enjoying Music With Your Bird

Even if your bird does not appear to be listening to the radio, there’s still plenty for them to enjoy. Budgies love to get involved in any sort of social activity, including singing and dancing.

Softly singing to your budgie is a great way to bond with it. If your bird seems to be comfortable with soft and gentle songs, you can try to sing more loudly and dance to the song.

Many birds enjoy listening to their owners sing nursery rhymes and will happily sing along over time.

How To Find Out My Bird’s Favorite Music Genre?

How To Find Out My Bird’s Favorite Music Genre?

Every budgie has its own preferences, so how can you tell which music it prefers? The answer can be figured out as long as you understand how your bird expresses enjoyment or fear.

Signs Your Bird Likes Energetic Music

Once you understand how to read parrot body language, it’s pretty easy to tell if your budgie is enjoying something.

If your budgie enjoys music, it will likely turn its head to hear the music better and have slightly ruffled feathers.

A budgie being entertained by exciting music will often chirp and bob its head to the music or even strut around its cage.

Signs Your Bird Likes Calm Music

The easiest way to tell if your bird feels calmed by music is by how its feathers look. A comfortable, content bird will have slightly fluffed out feathers.

Soft beak grinding is another significant sign that your bird is feeling calm.

If your bird is napping to music, it may get into its sleeping position. A sleeping or napping bird will typically close one or both eyes, and it may tuck one foot into its feathers.

Most budgies turn their head around and tuck their beak between their shoulders just before dozing off.

Signs Your Bird Is Scared of Music

On the other hand, if your budgie isn’t a fan of what you’re playing, it will begin to show signs of fear and stress. These signs include:

  • Feathers lying close to their body
  • Flying chaotically around its cage
  • Biting or grumpiness
  • Screaming
  • Making an alarm call
  • Feather plucking
  • Loss of vocalization
  • Loss of appetite
  • panting

Not every bird will show every sign, and it is important to get to know your independent bird.

If your bird appears to be majorly stressed, turn the music off for the time being.

You can try again later on with songs that are calm, quiet, and have no high-pitched noises in them or simply not play music for them again.