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Can You Use Feline Pine for Rabbits?

Litter training is a great way to create a designated area for your rabbit to use the bathroom that will keep its pen clean and smelling fresh! When litter training your rabbit, it’s important to remember that not all litter is safe – some can cause great harm to your rabbit, but others are perfectly fine to use!. 

Feline Pine is a great litter to use for your rabbit as it is free of harsh chemicals, cedar and pine shavings, and any unnatural toxins.

Throughout this article, we will go through how safe litter is for rabbits and why feline pine is a great choice when litter training your rabbit! At the end of the day, litter training is relatively easy for your rabbit as long as you do it well and safely!

Is Feline Pine Litter Safe for Rabbits?

Feline Pine is a great litter that is safe for your rabbit as it’s free of both pine and cedar shaving. The pine that makes up Feline Pine is not at all shavings – but rather all-natural pine pellets.

Feline Pine is a pellet-based litter that goes through a process of extruding the dangerous oils/phenols that harm your rabbit. When creating the pellets, it burns off any toxic chemicals in the makeup of the litter to create a safe litter for any animal. 

Pellet-based litter, especially Feline Pine, is recommended when opting for a litter-based bathroom for your rabbit and is safe for your pet.

But before you jump on board to litter training your rabbit, make sure you research which litters to use and what happens if your rabbit ingests any litter. We want to make sure your rabbit is free from harm when beginning its litter journey. 

What Happens If a Rabbit Eats Cat Litter?

Rabbits like to lick everything, and cat litter can be harmful to your rabbit if ingested as it can cause digestive issues in your pet. The digestive blockages can cause severe harm to your rabbit’s organs, and in some instances, may cause death, so it’s important to know what to do if your rabbit does eat litter.

Rabbits naturally tend to eat litter much more often than cats, so when creating a litter-based bathroom for your rabbit, you need to take into account that it will often be eating its litter – that is why choosing the right one is crucial.

Any litter with clay or silica will create blockages in your rabbit’s digestive tract, and using a litter free of those ingredients is HIGHLY recommended. Also, stay away from any form of “clumping” litter, which can also cause severe problems in your rabbit. A good rule of thumb is to always opt for a pellet-based litter that is digestible by your rabbit and won’t cause blockages. 

Newspaper is always another good alternative for rabbits as it won’t create blockages from standard cat litter. 

Recommended Feline Pine for Rabbits

If you do use a litter that is causing harm to your rabbit, immediately take your pet to the vet to get checked up and swap out the litter for one that is non-harmful. It’s essential to do your research on the litter before you buy it!

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Not all litter can be used for rabbits, so make sure to look up whichever one you want to use and be 100% sure it is safe to use for your bunny!

Recommended Feline Pine Products for Rabbits

When choosing a litter for your rabbit, you want to be sure that it won’t cause harm to your pet, so doing the research is vital. Lucky for you, we did some of that work and found a few great options of feline pine for your rabbits that are safe to use and easy to buy off Amazon!

Feline Pine Natural Non-Clumping Litter

If you’re looking for a feline pine litter that is non-clumping, natural, and chemical-free, then we have the best option for you!

Feline Pine Natural Non Clumping Litter

This Feline Pine litter is perfect for your rabbit and can be easily purchased off Amazon with two-day shipping for Prime members. 

Not only are you opting for a litter that is safe for your rabbit, but it’s only $21 per bag! So you’re getting a great deal alongside some peace of mind.

This cat litter is also great to use for litter training your rabbit as it absorbs the smell when it uses the bathroom, so you no longer have to worry about any smells! 

With all-natural ingredients, this Feline Pine Non-Clumping Litter is great for rabbits of all ages!

Feline Pine Natural Wood Non-Clumping Litter with Baking Soda

If you’re sensitive to smells and are looking for a natural, non-harmful litter for your rabbit, the Feline Pine Natural Wood litter is your new best friend!

Feline Pine Natural Wood Non-Clumping Litter with Baking Soda

This litter has a few key features that make this one of our top choices. First, the natural pine wood inside the litter is excellent at trapping away the unwanted odors, and along with the added baking soda, the smell will almost never be a problem.

Second, with no added chemicals or toxins, this is the perfect litter for your rabbit and its health. Being all-natural and chemical-free gives you a bit more peace of mind knowing that your rabbit can go to the bathroom multiple times a day without risk to its health.

Our last favorite feature is that this litter is also non-harmful to the environment. Instead of cutting new trees to get the natural pine shavings, the wood is made from kiln-dried shavings reclaimed from lumber production, so it’s from recycled materials!

This environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and all-natural litter is one of the top choices that we recommend to almost all rabbit owners! Order it off Amazon and try it for yourself!

Can Rabbits and Cats Share a Litter Box?

Although cats and rabbits can make great companions and friends inside the home, it is recommended to keep a few of their items separate instead of shared, the main one being the litter box.

One of the main reasons to keep the litter boxes separate is that not all cat litter is safe for rabbits. Many of the best feline litters for cats are harmful to rabbits, so you would not want to have them both going in the same litter box.

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Another reason is the possibility of the transfer of parasites. As different species, they both can get infected with different parasites at any moment, and a lot of these are transferred through fecal matter.

If one of your animals is sick, the last thing you want is for them to both get sick. Stick with two different litter boxes to avoid this!

It is also recommended to keep different litter boxes for cats and rabbits as the odor each produces through their fecal matter can be a turn-off to the other animal. Therefore, they will opt out of using the litter box and instead go somewhere else in the house, where they shouldn’t be using the bathroom.

To avoid any accidents around the house, double infections, or any other health-related risks, try to keep the litter boxes of your rabbit and cat separate so you can successfully create the best environment for your animals.

How to Use Feline Pine Litter

How to Use Feline Pine Litter

Feline Pine litter is an excellent resource for litter training your rabbit and keeping a clean bathroom for them at all times. Not only can it reduce smells in your house if properly cleaned, but it can be the most peaceful place for your rabbit to use the bathroom – one free of anxiety.

If you’re new to using Feline Pine litter, the first step you want to take is getting a litter box that is big enough for your rabbit to have room to move around in. Also, you don’t want to have to clean it every day so leaving as much room for your rabbit to go to the bathroom is essential.

When pouring in the Feline Pine litter, pour an inch deep of litter all over the bottom of the litter box, so you have a nice and flat surface area for your rabbit. Every few days, you should check on the box to see if it’s getting full. If so, use a sifter scoop to sift out the poop so the rest of the litter can fall back into the litter box.

Depending on how often your rabbit goes to the bathroom, the litter will need to be changed a few times a month, especially to reduce unwanted smells.

Feline Pine litter is easy to use and safe to use but always make sure to do your research and understand what you are doing before you begin litter training your rabbit.


Litter boxes are one of the most recommended bathroom setups for rabbits as they keep their fecal matter all in one contained spot and keep their pen clean as can be! It is also a great way to make sure your home does not smell like a bathroom!

When opting for litter training your rabbit, make sure you always check to see if the litter is safe for your rabbit. Not all litter is created equal! You always want to be 100% sure you’re getting the right one for your bunny.

At the end of the day, always consult your vet when changing plans for your rabbit and see what suggestions they can offer. Vets are a great source of information that can be a great help to your litter training journey with your rabbit!