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Can You Spray Rabbits With Water?

Rabbits are super friendly and quite easy to be around. As long as you handle them with the care they would be adorable and easy to tend.

However, rabbits need ample supplies of water and proper cooling off. That’s the only way that they would remain cheerful and you’ll enjoy having them around.

So really can you spray rabbits with water?

Yes, you can spray rabbits with water and this is advised. Spraying rabbits with water helps cool them down, in turn, that would allow them to stay rational and avoid agitation.

Wild rabbits are real water lovers so they go to great lengths to stay hydrated especially in humid conditions, their domesticated counterparts are no different. So the least you could do is ensure that they remain hydrated and properly sprayed as frequently as your time could permit.

However, different strokes for different bunnies. Some rabbits simply do not fancy being sprayed. It’s up to you to find a solution that your bunny would love.

Why Should You Spray Your Rabbits With Water?

Why Should You Spray Your Rabbits With Water?


There are a plethora of reasons why you should spray your cuddly buddy with water as frequently as possible. This has been proven to improve the living conditions of bunnies and also aid in all-around mood development.

So we’ll show you a few other reasons why spraying is advisable.

Reason 1 – Helps It Stay Cool

Rabbits are very sensitive creatures and that’s why they aren’t big fans of summertime, unlike humans. They love staying cool and it’s your duty as an owner to ensure that they stay chilled as possible.

That’s why spraying could come in handy, using the spray you can cool off your bunny and ally it’s summertime fears. That way it would be less agitated and more likely to be friendly and true to character.

It’s a minor adjustment you need to make to ensure your bunny keeps its spirits up.

Reason 2 – Raises Its Spirit

Summertime could be a bummer for rabbits, normally they love being hydrated and they drink a lot of water at a go. Sometimes rabbit owners wonder whether they are truly rabbits or camels.

As a result, they need ample quantities of water to stay upbeat and healthy. However, summertime saps that vibe from most bunnies no thanks to the scorching sun.

Spraying your bunny would go a long way in keeping its spirits up during such a dour period in the life of the average bunny. You would even notice that during this time they could begin to hop eagerly in anticipation of its daily spraying. 

Reason 3 – It’s Great For Bonding

Bonding bunnies is one of the most complex and delicate things that bunny owners face during the development stage. It’s very sensitive because the typical bunny is super territorial and won’t want another fella creeping in or impeding its space.

As a result, your job as a bunny owner would be a whole lot easier if you find a way of making the bonding period of your bunny more enjoyable. This could be aided by spraying the bunny and also spraying its potential dwelling partner.

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That way their spirits would be up, you’ll have a better chance of them relating properly and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. With time you might even be able to spray them together, at the same time.

Housing The Rabbit Inside

Spraying is more important during a super-hot season where your bunny would be better off hydrated more often than not. Asides from regular spraying, another thing that could help your bunny is housing it inside.

This is a seasonal thing, but it could prove super beneficial in the long term development of your furry buddy. Care to check out why.

Air Conditioning Cancels Out Spraying

All the typical rabbit truly desires is a comfortable dwelling and a cool environment to chill out. They aren’t that different from you and me, you know.

As long as your bunny is in a dwelling with a working air conditioner, without potential predators lurking around it’s good to go. Owners who keep rabbits inside and exposed to continuous air conditioning need not take extra steps to keep the animals cool.

This is so different from bunny owners that need to take extra precautions to ensure that the hot conditions outside don’t leave a lasting scar on his or her furry buddy.


It has been speculated that rabbit meat is one of the nicest known to animals, we won’t know because we love our bunnies too much to eat them. However, for some reason, predators find new despicable ways to hunt down bunnies and feast on them quite savagely.

This perpetual fear of being eaten makes bunnies quite agitated at some points when they are outside the confines of their owner’s houses. Some even developed the habit of sleeping with their eyes open due to fear. That’s why during some seasons it won’t be such a bad idea to let your bunnies into your home or dwelling.

The best way to enjoy your bunny is to keep it safe and sound, allowing them into your house should be considered an option if it would give your furry buddy that sense of security. Avoid letting it into your house though, if you have a dog or cat already present in the household.

That’s a clash you do not want to see or hear about the following morning.

Awesome Playmates

rabbits are awesome playmates

Rabbits could be human being’s biggest cheerleaders and lovely playmates. They are super friendly, cute, adorable, and easy to take care of.

That’s why having them in your dwelling isn’t such a bad idea. However, you need to ensure that you break a rabbit in gradually, especially if it’s so used to being outside 24/7.

Rabbits don’t handle sudden changes in temperature that well, so it’ll be a smart idea to ensure that they get introduced into the system slowly but steadily. We don’t want a grumpy bunny in the household, do we?

Traveling With Your Rabbit

Bunny owners can’t stand being away from their furry buddies for so long, that’s why most times they take them along when going on a trip. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

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However, as long as a bunny owner does it right, there is nothing out of the ordinary in allowing your furry buddy to travel around the axis with you. Some seasons are unique when it comes to traveling with your bunnies.

That’s why it’s important to monitor their mannerisms and take that into due consideration. The toughest season to travel with rabbits has to be the summertime.

Here are a few tips to help you carry them along without being a horrible travel partner or host.

Tip 1 – Plan Ahead

It would be insensitive and super dangerous to carry your rabbit with you without proper planning. This is most especially true if the trip is during the summertime. Rabbits tend to be quite touchy if they are in an unusual environment, so the least you can do is make sure that they aren’t that unwelcome.

traveling with your rabbits

If you’re going to a super-hot location, make sure that your host has a bunny friendly dwelling. That way, as you’re enjoying your stay, your furry buddy would be enjoying his too.

Who doesn’t like to be cared for?

Tip 2 – Be Prepared

Being prepared and planning are two very different things, let’s be pretty clear about that. Being prepared involves you bringing along plenty of bottles of frozen water, bringing extra water dishes, and a fan if possible.

These things go a long way in keeping your bunny comfortable and eliminating the need to constantly spray it. As human beings we all love the good things, bunnies aren’t any different.

Once you bring along the essentials and occasional luxuries, your furry buddy would do just fine in the summertime trip.

Tip 3 – Cancel If Necessary

Occasionally, no matter how prepared you are, or how far you plan, there’s nothing that would prepare you for what might befall your bunny. That’s why it’s the smartest alternative to cancel a trip of your bunny isn’t really in its element.

As a rabbit owner, you need to make some sacrifices to ensure it doesn’t fall sick or worse still, pass on. What you could do is, ensure you have a vet doctor on standby.

If that doesn’t work, follow your instincts and head home as soon as you see your rabbit would rather be at home than on a jarring summertime trip with you.


To enjoy being a rabbit owner you need to make a couple of sacrifices. Spraying is one of them, as it is one of the many ways to keep your bunny friendly and tolerable. However, it’s important to note that a couple of rabbits aren’t that comfortable with being sprayed, if you try spraying and your bunny shudders and shows obvious signs of discomfort, find an alternative instead.

Rabbits are very perceptive creatures and they notice it when their human hosts are making a concrete effort to ensure they are comfortable. Keep your furry buddy happy, whether it involves spraying or otherwise and we’re pretty sure that the results would speak volumes about your lasting bond.