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Can You Put Fake Plants In An Axolotl Tank?

If you want to, you can use fake or real plants in your axolotl tank without any issues. 

While live plants can often be better and help maintain water quality, they can also be messy and quite a lot of work. 

Comparatively speaking, using fake plants is easy and much more affordable. 

After all, due to the advantages and ease of use that they offer, axolotl owners frequently use them. 

Adding fake plants to your axolotl tank is a safe and simple solution that is generally not going to cause any harm.

What are the advantages of using fake plants in axolotl tank?

What are the advantages of using fake plants in axolotl tank

No maintenance required

When using fake plants, you won’t need to worry about trimming, fertilizing, substrate, or any other maintenance-related concerns.

After all, fake plants don’t require any level of attention and look just as good as the real thing. 

If you use fake plants instead, you’ll also waste less time and money while maintaining the tank’s cleanliness and clarity.

There are also many different needs and requirements for axolotls and various plants, both of which you must maintain.

Generally speaking, this may drive many individuals who are unfamiliar with living plants to try and avoid them.

Cleaner tank

You can easily maintain a cleaner tank with fake plants because they won’t decay or die on you.

If you use them, you also avoid the possibility of an overgrowth of plants taking over your axolotl’s tank.

You also avoid any plants with loose leaves or loose substrate that could lead to messy and murky water in your axolotl tank.


Fake plants are much more affordable and are generally a fraction of the cost of live plants.

If you want a large selection of artificial plants to decorate the tank, you can purchase them in bulk bags or as part of package deals to save money.

Since you are also saving money, you are most likely able to afford more decorations for your axolotl tank. 

Because of this, you’ll be able to create a more flourishing and creative tank, even if you are on a budget.

Added security

Their sense of security will increase along with the number of decorations you add to their tank, such as fake plants. 

You’ll even see that after adding additional hiding places with decorations, they’ll feel more at ease and secure in their tank.

Decorations like fake plants can also provide extra shade for your axolotl and help block out any indirect light.

After all, axolotls do not have eyelids, and excess indirect light can always bother them if it’s for a prolonged period.

In general, fake plants will provide your axolotls with extra comfort and will help make your tank more appealing to the eye.

Larger variety

If you want to use live plants in your axolotl aquarium and are opposed to using fake ones, there will be fewer options to choose from.  

Assuming that you want the plant to have comparable needs to your pet axolotl so they can live together, this is inevitable. 

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The tank quality, which is intended for axolotls, won’t be compromised in favor of the plants by doing it this way. 

You may select from a far wider range when you use fake plants, so you won’t need to worry about that.

There are several different materials, forms, and sizes to choose from, with natural and exotic colors when it comes to fake plants.

Even copies of plants that you would not typically be able to keep with your axolotls are available for use.  

Even options for fake plants that are weighted and unweighted are available. 

As a result, if you set up a bare-bottom tank for your axolotl, you will not have to be concerned about your plants floating around or running out of places to go.

Are fake plants dangerous for axolotls?

Are fake plants dangerous for axolotls

Fake plants are generally not very dangerous and are relatively safe to put into your axolotl tank.

The risks are usually dependent on factors such as a fake plant’s material, shape, color, or size.

These concerns are all relatively avoidable, and some are unlikely for whatever fake plants you might decide to buy.


Although unlikely, hard plastics have a much higher risk of possibly injuring your axolotl.

After all, they don’t have good eyesight and are destined to bump into every decoration within their tank.

However, this can be dangerous if your hard plastic fake plant has any sharp or pointy ends.

Something like this could easily scratch up your axolotl’s sensitive skin or their unprotected lidless eyes.

Toxic or not aquarium safe materials

Although you may want to use a cheap fake plant or reptile plant that does not advertise that it is for aquarium use, it might not be the best idea.

Some materials are not safe or meant for aquarium use, and these materials might even degrade over time. 

You could eventually face some major issues if you choose to use vines intended for room decor rather than those for aquarium use. 

When dangerous fake plants are used, the high levels of toxicity they produce can be fatal, especially if an axolotl is exposed to it for a long time. 

Make sure it is created from a recognized material that is suitable for aquariums or try looking for artificial plants that specifically state they are aquarium safe on the package.

Accidental consumption

You always want to be concerned about the possibility of your axolotl consuming anything you put into their tank.

This is because it could end up getting stuck inside your axolotl’s gills or throat.

Axolotls will bite anything that moves, so it’s best to stay away from fake plants that could move with the current if there’s a chance that a piece will break off.

Avoid purchasing low-quality fake plants with loose parts since you want to prevent any components from falling off and posing a threat.

Another suggestion to avoid an accidental impaction is to feed axolotls away from fake plants to avoid having them accidentally consume a piece of one.

How to choose fake plants for axolotl tank?

How to choose fake plants for axolotl tank


The most important factor is the material the fake plant is made out of.

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This is because certain materials can degrade in your aquarium and create toxicity in the water.

It is always crucial to use fake plants made from aquarium-safe materials to avoid future complications.

Some common safe materials are silk or plastic, but you can also look at the packaging to see whether or not it’s aquarium safe.

Shape and color

Axolotls are known for their bad eyesight, although their eyes are also quite sensitive due to the lack of eyelids.

Some are even sensitive to bright colors, which can be something to factor in when purchasing fake plants.

Try using more natural green colors to replicate their natural environment and help encourage calmness.

It’s also a good idea to go for plants with a rounded edge or leafed plants, as sharper points or sticks on a fake plant can be dangerous if they run into it.

Safe size

It is always a good idea to make sure any decorations are not small enough to fit into your axolotl’s mouth.

Especially plants, because they are light and can be easily sucked into their mouths during feeding times.

It is also important to make sure that your fake plants are not too big.

If they are overcrowding the tank or blocking them from moving around, it could start to cause them stress.

Cleaning fake plants is important too!

Over time, you might notice a gradual accumulation of algae starting to build on your fake plants.

Avoid using anything like soap or detergent, which may be extremely hazardous to anything in your aquarium.

To get rid of any potential chemicals or dust, it’s a good idea to wash your artificial plants before putting them in your tank. 

You may even use a variety of cleaning equipment from home, including toothbrushes, bottle scrubbers, and toilet scrubbers. 

To prevent cross-contamination, it is also crucial that you keep these items apart from regular cleaning materials.

Boiling water

The simplest, quickest, and chemical-free method to clean and destroy algae is to boil water. 

Even so, this approach could require the greatest scrubbing to get the necessary cleanliness. 

Other than that, there are no other detailed instructions that you must adhere to.

Bleach solution

Only use this bleach solution in extreme cleaning situations since it includes stronger chemicals. 

If you don’t feel comfortable using anything like bleach, make sure to take the vinegar solution into consideration. 

To make this solution, you will need 9 parts water and 1 part bleach. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to properly clean all of your fake plants or other decorations with ordinary water once you’re through.


This vinegar mixture is a nice compromise because it is less toxic than bleach and may clean more effectively than boiling water alone. 

This might be an excellent option for people who feel uneasy about using stronger chemicals to clean their tanks. 

This solution also has a wider range of applications since it is excellent at eliminating calcium deposits in addition to algae. 

To make this solution, you will need half a cup of white vinegar and half a gallon of distilled water.

Additionally, it’s crucial to completely clean all of your fake plants and other decorations with ordinary water when you’re through.