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Can Pacman Frogs Eat Nightcrawlers?

Pacman frogs can eat nightcrawlers easily, and as you read through today’s post, you might want to add these wonder worms to your frog’s regular diet! 

Whether you’re a new or seasoned frog owner, nightcrawlers are a perfect source of food for most frogs you may own. 

Packed with nutrients and easy to feed to your Pacman, these worms will quickly become your go-to food source for your Pacman frog and even any other frogs or reptiles you may own. Read on to find out more!

Nightcrawlers as staple food for Pacman frogs 

Can nightcrawlers be a staple food source for Pacman frogs

Nightcrawlers are a perfect staple food source for your Pacman frog! These crawlers are filled with minerals and nutrients for your frog that will help keep him happy and healthy! 

With its soft body, a nightcrawler is perfect for your frog to grab and digest with little issues. Remember to dust your nightcrawlers with calcium dust so your Pacman can get the nutrients he needs for strong bones. 

However, it shouldn’t be the only food you give your Pacman. Like with any other frog, it’s good to give your frog various options. 

You can also feed your Pacman crickets and super worms as staple food options while throwing in semi-regular foods and occasional treats. 

Crickets will provide your frog with a good source of protein, and super worms will also give your frog lots of nutrients like nightcrawlers.

Along with being a perfect staple food, it is easy to keep your own nightcrawler colonies so you can have an endless supply of food without having to visit the pet store at all. 

How frequently and how much to feed? 

If you have a baby Pacman frog, feeding it three to five times a week rather than every day is better. 

Since your frog is growing, he will eat more often, which is when you should follow the fifteen-minute rule. 

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Feed your frog for fifteen minutes, and then stop feeding. Though most of the time, your frog will stop eating before fifteen minutes has passed.

Feeding your Pacman every day could lead to obesity and other health problems. If you have a baby Pacman, it is best to cut up your nightcrawler in half so it is easier for the frog to swallow and digest. 

As he gets older, you can feed the frog nightcrawlers without cutting up your worms. 

When your Pacman frog becomes full-grown, you can start feeding them full-grown nightcrawlers but less frequently. 

You can feed your adult Pacman one to two times a week with calcium dusted nightcrawlers.

At what age can Pacman frogs start eating nightcrawlers? 

At what age can Pacman frogs start to eat nightcrawlers

As nightcrawlers have soft bodies and are easy for your frog to grab, swallow and digest, this staple food is perfect at any age for a Pacman frog. 

From a little baby to an adult Pacman that could take down something bigger, nightcrawlers will always be a perfect choice at any age.

Cutting these worms in half for a growing Pacman frog will be a great way to feed them because they are so easily digested. 

As opposed to crickets, you might have to find smaller crickets for feeding because larger ones may cause impaction on your growing frog. 

Super worms might have similar issues, too, because even though they are excellent sources of nutrients for a Pacman, I have had my issues feeding them to my adult Pacman! 

So, feeding nightcrawlers will be a great choice for your Pacman at any stage of their life because of easy access to feeding.

What to avoid?

What should I avoid when feeding nightcrawlers

Chemically treated worms

One of the primary considerations starts with how your purchase your nightcrawler worms. 

Nightcrawlers are a very popular worm to use for fish bait, and you can buy these worms at tackle shops for your Pacman

However, some of these worms may have been treated with a fluorescent chemical to make them more appealing to fish. (Hazard alert!)

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These chemicals can be deadly to your Pacman, so you need to make sure you are buying untreated nightcrawlers if you are getting them from a fish and tackle shop.


Besides that, your next issue would be overfeeding. This issue easily solves with the fifteen-minute rule and monitoring your Pacman’s weight. 

If your Pacman frog is wider than he is long, then it’s time to cut back on the nightcrawlers and evaluate what else might be making your frog gain weight.

Method of feeding

The last thing to avoid is dropping your nightcrawlers in your frog tank. Pacman frogs are ambush predators, and nightcrawlers like to burrow. 

To prevent your frog from eating his substrate in an attempt to catch his food, it is best to tong feed your Pacman these worms. 

If your frog is not used to tongs, you can also place a shallow bowl in front of it with the worms.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, nightcrawlers are amazing food sources for your Pacman. With a nutrient-dense soft body that is easily swallowed and digested, you will encounter little issues when feeding to this frog.

You should always feed nightcrawlers alongside other staple foods such as crickets, super worms, and dubai roaches to provide a variety of food for your frog, whether he is growing or an adult. 

However, you can feed nightcrawlers to Pacman frogs at any stage of their life, but you will have to cut them in half for baby Pacman frogs.

Checking a fish and tackle shop or calling up your local pet store to see if these worms are in stock would be the easiest way to purchase them. 

I have always had trouble finding them readily available at a pet store, but you can easily start your own nightcrawler colony if you are willing to do so. 

In closing, nightcrawlers are perfect for many frogs, especially for the voracious Pacman frog!