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Can Cats Sense Pain in Humans? Amazing Facts!

The human and cat relationship is like a match made in heaven. For thousands of years, cats have been the pet of human beings, and this bondage has increased the understanding of cats for humans. 

Cats can sense pain in humans, feel empathy and respond to the emotional condition of humans. Some research evidence claims that cats feel the pain, and will even try to comfort them in their little ways.

This article explains cats and human affiliation. In addition, this article provides an in-depth analysis of how cats know the pain or illness of humans and how they respond to human emotions and pain.

Ten Reasons Your Cats Might Be Able to Tell That You Are in Pain:

Who does not love cats? Cats have extraordinary senses, which help them recognize their owner’s pain, discomfort, and emotions. Here are the ten reasons how cats might be able to tell that you are in pain.

Purring of Cats

Cats purring is known for its incredible healing and comforting effects. The owner might even not realize that the cat is sitting beside them, purring to reduce the human emotional discomfort.

Cats purring reduces stress and respiratory issues. Even researches proved that listening to cats purring decreases blood pressure and heart attack risk.

Purring vibration helps healing wounds, swelling, infections, and ligaments, and tendon injuries. Furthermore, it helps in digestion and improves digestive issues.

Sensing Sadness/ Depression

Cats tend to gain more of the owner’s attention when the owner is sad, depressing, and stressed. They can change their behavior towards the owner according to moods.

They do so to get the owner to distract from the pain that is causing him stress and depression. For example, try to sit beside the owner to divert their sadness, feeling of loneliness.

Facial Expressions

Cats sense human facial expressions. For example, cats rubbing against the owner and purring shows how they feel that human pain. If the owner is involved in emotional pain, the cat will try to soothe him, and the owner may not even realize it. 

Cats sense human facial expressions

Emotional Cue

Cats have excellent senses, and they do not stop to amaze humans. Cats can sense that the owner might be in an uncertain situation.

Most of the time, cats come out in weird situations risking their life. So, the answer is that actually cats are looking for the owner to be safe, while we don’t even realize it.

Voice of Owner

Cats have an empathetic ear and can sense the anger invoice. Moreover, they can feel the outburst. Either they hide or see that the owner is in a bad situation, or they come up to see if the owner is safe.

Reaction to Situation

Cats start gaining your attention as they sense the situation you are facing. Either it is emotional, stress, pain, and the owner has no idea, and cats jump in for help. 

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Giving Relief

Cats are capable of releasing love hormones. So, they sit around the owner, and he may not realize that the cat is cuddling lying round in his lap, and it is because of the love hormone.

Triggering laugh

Cats might not make it come to the notice. But, as they see you around, they sense what’s going on. They may do a silly thing to make their owner cherish and laugh.

Giving Signs

Cats can sense the health issue. Therefore, they tend to do weird things to give a signal to the owner. Many types of research have proved this behavior of cats. 

Living rate

Many kinds of research prove that people who have cats make them live more than those who don’t have cats. 

Can Cats Sense Illness in Their Owners?

Of course. Yes, cats do have uncanny senses to detect illness, disease, and ailments.

In addition, they have an extraordinary sense of smell which helps them sniff out the chemical changes occurring in the body resulting in illness or disease. 

Cats have been present from ancient times. And their evolution has helped them develop keen instincts and senses. 

Moreover, they can sense mood changes daily. Cats observe the behavior of their owner.

Whenever there is a slight behavior change, cats notice it. Cats can also feel the difference between psychological and physical changes due to illness. 

Research and behavioral experiments prove that cats sense hypertension and high blood pressure. Many times, when a cat is purring, the vibration of purring lessens hypertension in the owner.

Cats can listen to the heartbeat whenever the owner holds the cat, and cats can sense the rhythm of breathing and heart rate. They even try to calm the owner by purring and kneading. However, if the cat is clingy and does not leave the lap, it is singing to check the blood pressure better. 

Cats are very great at smelling and picking new scents. Many pieces of research prove that cats can detect cancer, as cancer has a smell.

Cancer produces polyamines, which have a potent smell a cat can detect. If your cat is smelling any particular area, you must go for the test to be on the safe side. 

Ten Ways to Tell Your Cat That You Are Okay

Here are some smooth ways to communicate with your cat and make them feel that you are okay. Of course, cats can sense if you are okay or not, and the owner’s behavior can signal to the cat of his wellness. So let’s look deeper into the ways of telling you are fine. 

Looking with Loving Gaze

Looking with love towards the cat makes them feel comfortable and gives a signal of love and trust. 

Allow Rubbing

Many times, you can see your cat rubbing on carpets and pillows, and it is because cats have scent glands on their cheeks. When cats rub against you, they give a signal of love. So, let them be comfortable and okay. 

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Sitting Beside

Cats are hungry for warm places; it helps them relax and sleep. So let your cat sit with you or lay beside you.

Play with Toy

Play with attractive toys with your cat. It will show your affection toward them. For example, play with the vibrant color ball. 

Play with attractive toys with your cat


Cuddling with your cat provides her warmth—a feeling and symbol of love. Snuggling will help the cat build a soothing relationship with you, and this will help the cat sense you are perfectly okay. 

Giving Treats

A kind gesture from the owner, remembering what cats like. For example, your cat’s favorite food. Giving treats that are tasty to your cats is an ideal way of making their day.

Love Signal

Stroking your cat all over, from the head-tail, signals them as a sign of owner’s love. Of course, the sense of whether you feel good or not. So, keep stroking smooth.  

Give your time

Giving time to your cat every day makes your cat have a sense of attachment and devotion. 

Care regularly

Care for your cat daily. Whatever you give your cat, make sure you do it regularly, as cats are great at sensing the difference in behavior. 

Taking to Cat

Whenever you are near your cats, make sure to talk to them. For example, saying, I love you while stroking your cat. Cats not only sense behavior, but they recognize the voice of the owner as well. So, talking is another tricky way to make the cat feel you are okay. 

What To Do With Your Cat When You Are Sick?

Cats are very loving pets, and they get attached to the owner. They make great bondage with the owner. They can sense the happiness, emotional disturbance, and illness of the owner. 

Cats are very loyal, and they will never want to leave the owner in any situation. But, of course, health matters a lot. So here are some ways to keep your cat safe when you are sick. 

First, make sure the sickness you have is not contagious.

Second, make sure it does not affect your cat.

Third, if you are incredibly sick and cannot take care of your cat daily, you must hire someone to take care of your cat or send your cat to some animal care-taking facility.

Be loyal to your cat as she was in your thick and thin. Then make sure that you give your cat the same level of attention and comfort when you recover. 

To summarize, cats are astonishing, loving creatures. They never stop surprising human beings.

The bond cats and humans share is so pure and beautiful. One can never imagine that cat purring can reduce the stress level and emotional instability in humans. Isn’t it amazing, just a pet and this much comfort it provides you?

How unique and distinctive this little loving creature is.