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Why Is My Cat So Obsessed With Me? 9 Signs To Take Note!

Is your cat sticking to you all day recently and constantly asking for your attention, like he’s got a crush on you? Or is he not eating his food until you pacify him?

It is normal for cats to be obsessed with their owners because cats are animals that naturally yearn for love and comfort. This desire can be even stronger when they feel insecure due to changes in the pet’s or owner’s life.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of cats and human relationships, how cats get attached to their owner, and the reason behind their affection.

9 signs your cat is obsessed with you

The bond between a cat and its owner is special, and cats like to go everywhere with their owner, frequently demanding attention.

But to what extent is it considered an obsession? Here are nine signs your cat might have imprinted on you to the extent of obsession.

Separation anxiety 

Kittens that are separated from their mother will rely on the new owner for comfort. Naturally, they will look to you as a motherly figure, and some may even become obsessed with you.

If you have spent considerable time with your pet and suddenly need to be away for a short while, you may also find your cat becoming more clingy than usual.


Insecurity might be another reason for your cat’s obsession. For instance, when a new pet comes around, or a new person comes into your life, your cat might fear you becoming more attached to them.

This may be why cats get insecure, try to gain more attention, and become clingy. 

Stress/ anxious 

Stress can also be a reason for a cat’s obsession. Whenever a cat is stressed or anxious, the cat runs toward the owner for attention or to feel safe. 

This can arise from a fight with another pet or after a vet visit.

Trust issues 

If you have adopted a rescue cat, you may notice two extreme behaviors: one will be exceptionally clingy, and the other is extremely introverted.

This is because they might have experienced abandonment by their previous owners and find it difficult to trust a new owner again. 

You will need to put in more time and patience to gain your pet’s trust in such situations. 

Heath issue/ sickness

The cat might be suffering from some health issues or have overeaten food, or become sick. This can also be a reason for the cat’s obsession. 

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When they feel unwell, we want to have the attention of their loved ones.


When a cat is in labor, it may hide, hiss, get your attention, and become clingy. These are the signs that a cat might be pregnant and want your attention


As every living being gets old, they need love, care, and attention. Cats also want to be taken care of as they grow old, which might be a reason for the cat’s obsession. 


Needing protection might be another reason for the cat’s obsession. Maybe there is something spooky in the home the cat is afraid of, or perhaps some neighbor’s pet your cat is fearful of. 

Simply wants attention 

Give your time and attention to the cat. This can happen when the cat feels the owner is too busy and unavailable, and there is no other pet in the house. Then, the cat starts getting clingy, wanting to be loved. 

Why is my cat so affectionate all of a sudden?

Consider what has changed in your daily life recently. This could be a big clue as to why your cat is imprinting on you now.

Cats never disturb the owner’s personal space without any reason.

Every animal has its way of showing love, and every pet is differently attached to the owner. Cats also show affection in their way based on the environment. 

Why is My Cat So Affectionate All Of a Sudden

Maybe they want your time, want to play with you, or simply try to give the owner a signal of any health issue it is having. 

Also, if a new baby is added to a family, pets don’t adjust to it quickly. Instead, they want more attention and affection.

Is your cat suddenly affectionate? It may be a sign of some problems brewing: 

  • Your cat might be pregnant, and she is concerned. 
  • Your cat is feeling lonely and wants to cuddle in. 
  • Your cat might be sick and wants to get your attention.
  • Your cat senses you are in distress and wishes to connect emotionally with you.

How do cats choose their favorite person? 

How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person

Cats always want to build bonds and prefer someone who understands and spends time with them. Any pet would crave love, attention, and care, and the same goes for cats. 

According to research, the more time and effort you spend on your cat, the more they will reciprocate and idolize you. 

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Also, cats select their favorite person very wisely, and they believe if they behave themselves and keep themselves clean, the owner will give them a treat.

For instance, if the cat receives a treat from its owner due to its good behavior, it is a sign of love, and the cat will be inclined to favor the person.

Cats observe a person’s behavior towards them, and this is how they choose their favorite person. For example, cats are more attached to the person who

  • Bonds with the cat earlier in its lifetime 
  • Feeds and looks after them more 
  • Makes them feel secure and comfortable
  • Talks and communicates more
  • Cuddles and plays with them
  • Gives them personal space 
  • Takes them wherever the owner goes
  • Grooms them personally
  • Provides them with a cozy place to sleep.

Can cats get too attached to their owner?

As cats are great observers, they often take cues from their owner’s behavior to form their own. In other words, they will only become too attached to you if you allow them to.

This often happens when kittens get separated from their mother too early, and they end up relying too much on their owners. Eventually, this reliance may evolve into obsession.

Managing a relationship with a cat is not very different from managing one with a human. Setting appropriate boundaries and having a balanced approach to care for your cat can help the relationship go a long way. 

Should I be concerned?

In most cases, this is nothing to be concerned about. But sometimes, a sudden change in the cat’s behavior can be alarming. 

A checkup at the vet may be essential if a cat shows any symptoms discussed below:

  • Breathing changes, 
  • Vomiting, as this is not common in cats.
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Significant drop or increase in weight 

There are many other such conditions like loss of hair, change in urination, swelling, and discharge from the ear or eye. 

The point is that most cats don’t have any issues, but if you notice any of these, you’ll rather err on the safe side. 

To summarize, cats are adorable and loving animals. However, having and taking care of a pet is not an easy job. Make sure you give your cats quality time and affection, show love, communicate, and give them a good sleeping place. 

There is nothing to worry about if the cat is obsessed or overly affectionate. But, of course, it’s a sign of their love for you till you see something related to the cat’s health.

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