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Can A Bearded Dragon Sleep In Your Bed?

Being the proud owner of a bearded dragon can be extremely rewarding, filled with companionship and excitement; it also comes with a few curiosities and questions. Other pet owners brag about how their favorite pet sleeps in the bed with them at night and how comforting it is to have their pet there with them.

You may even begin to wonder if your bearded dragon would be able to sleep in the bed with you so that you could bond even more with your beloved bearded dragon. So, can your bearded dragon sleep in the bed with you?

To put it quite plainly, no, they cannot, at the very least they should not sleep in the bed with you. Due to their sleeping habits and small stature, it is extremely dangerous for your bearded dragon to be sleeping in the same bed as you and is highly advised against for the safety of your bearded dragon. 

There are many reasons why this is a bad idea and exceedingly dangerous for your bearded dragon, including possible suffocation, crushing their bodies, and falling off the bed; there are also some disgusting reasons for this being a bad idea, including defecation and urination in the bed. As much as you love your bearded dragon and want him or her with you just like any other pet, it is much too dangerous for them to share a bed with you and it would be advisable to provide them with their own sleeping area within their enclosure to ensure their safety.

Now, let’s sit back, relax, and cuddle up with our favorite domesticated reptiles and discuss why they should be in their own space and “bed” in order to reduce the risk of tragedy befalling them and you. 

Why You Should Not Share Your Bed With Your Bearded Dragon

Reason 1: Risk Of Suffocation 

Allowing your bearded dragon to sleep in the same bed as you, while it sounds sweet and cuddly, is irresponsible and dangerous. Considering the small stature of bearded dragons, the risk of crushing their small bodies and causing suffocation is extremely high.

You are much larger and heavier than your little bearded dragon, and it would not take much to completely crush their body with your own and ultimately suffocate them to death. Bearded dragons need warmth, so your bearded dragon may attempt to snuggle close for your body heat, increasing that risk.

Even if you give them their own pillow or space on the bed, they will seek out the warmest area, especially if you keep your room or home on the cooler side. It is important to keep in mind the idea of having a companion to share your bed with; it is just simply not practical or safe with a bearded dragon. 

Reason 2: Lack Of Safety

While it may seem like sharing your bed with your favorite little companion would be a wonderful bonding experience, it is actually impractical and quite dangerous. Not only could you accidentally roll over on top of your bearded dragon and crush or suffocate him or her, but your bearded dragon could also fall or jump off the side of your bed.

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 Bearded dragons also have poor depth perception

Depending on how high your bed sits off of the floor, the fall alone could prove deadly for your beloved bearded dragon, at the very least cause some serious damage.

Bearded dragons are known for their curious nature and love of exploring new places and surroundings. While they do sleep at night like you do, they keep different sleep schedules and routines than we do, so it is very possible for your bearded dragon to wake in the night and go roaming.

Bearded dragons also have poor depth perception and a distance that is actually quite far might not seem that way to your bearded dragon. Your bearded dragon may decide in the middle of the night that he or she would like to explore and jump off of your bed.

Even if he or she survives this distance or can walk away with no injury, he or she could end up in some dangerous and deadly situations right there in your room or become very lost.

It is highly recommended that your bearded dragon has his or her own space to safely sleep in and to not attempt to share the bed with your bearded dragon. 

Reason 3: Harm To You

Could you imagine a large animal rolling over on top of you in their sleep? You would fight and fight until you either got free or died from suffocation and being crushed. Now, imagine rolling over on top of your bearded dragon.

Not only would this be devastating to accidentally suffocate your pet but could also result in some pretty serious injuries to you as well. Bearded dragons have strong, sharp teeth and powerful jaws that can and will tear your flesh and cause some serious wounds and possible infection, along with some pretty impressive toenails they use for climbing which can also tear in to you and cause deep gouges and possible infection.

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If you were to roll over on top of him or her in your sleep, he or she will more than likely fight like crazy to get free, which would include tearing you to shred if that is what it took before they succumbed to suffocation and death. Bearded dragons carry any number of diseases that can be passed along to you through a bite or scratch and while the last thing your bearded dragon would want to do is harm you, if you roll over on top of them, it may just be the last thing they do in order to make an attempt at survival.

Depending on the severity of the wounds, you may require stitches and antibiotics to ward off any infections, regardless, medical attention is highly recommended if your bearded dragon bites or scratches you and breaks through the skin. In order to prevent damage and harm to not only your bearded dragon but to yourself as well, it is best to provide them with an enclosure of their own to reside in and sleep so they will stay safe. 

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Reason 4: Messy Cleanup

your bearded dragon may urinate on your bed

Now, let’s talk about something that may not have been thought of before you decided it might be a good idea to allow your bearded dragon to sleep in the same bed as you; the mess. Bearded dragons cannot be trained in the way that dogs and cats can, to go outside or use a litter box. Check out our popular post to find out about how often to let your bearded dragon out of its cage.

Bearded dragons will defecate and urinate whenever and wherever they are, even in your bed. Waking up to feces or urine in your face or all over your bedspread every morning could become a huge hassle to constantly clean and wash, not to mention extremely unsanitary.

Bearded dragons can carry salmonella and show little to no symptoms which is then passed along in their feces and potentially passed on to you, especially if it is in your bed and near your face. Salmonella is a bacterial disease within the intestinal tract and can cause extreme discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, and in severe cases could cause you to be hospitalized or cause death.

As mentioned several times above, it is highly recommended, not only for your safety and health but your bearded dragon’s as well, to provide your beloved bearded dragon with a safe and secure enclosure of their own to dominate and reside in. 

Final Thoughts:

Finding true companionship in your beloved pet bearded dragon is a wonderful and rewarding feeling. While you may want to spend every part of your day and night with him or her, it is extremely dangerous to share your bed with him or her.

Not only could you cause serious injury or death for your bearded dragon, but you could end up with a few serious injuries yourself or even really sick. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of your bearded dragon, in turn ensuring your own safety and well-being, it is highly recommended that you provide your bearded dragon with a safe and secure enclosure of their own to sleep in and spend their time when they aren’t with you.

Allowing your bearded dragon to sleep in the same bed as you is taking a huge and unnecessary risk that could ultimately cause the tragic death of your beloved bearded dragon. Even if your bearded dragon was able to escape death from being suffocated, serious injury and bodily harm could still befall him or her and you as well.

If at any point you are feeling drowsy or like you might fall asleep, you need to put your bearded dragon in their enclosure in order to guarantee their safety and yours. Also, if at any point you are worried or concerned about the health or well-being of your beloved bearded dragon, contact your local herp vet with any questions and concerns.

Remember, they are still your little companion and will still love and respect you without sleeping in the bed with you and it keeps them safe to be in their own area. 

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