10 Amazing Gifts for Your Cat this Christmas

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The Christmas shopping season is nearly here, and if you’re a proud cat owner, then you might be thinking of how to find the right gifts for your precious felines. Keep reading to discover ten amazing gifts that are sure to make your kitties feel valued this holiday season.

Cat Tree with Hammock and Sisal Scratching Post

by Catinsider Cactus

This 31-inch cactus cat tree is a fashionable must-have for the cat who loves to scratch. The sisal-spun posts will attract your cat and keep her claws from scratching household items and furniture, which will save you money on repairs.

The cat tree is small enough to fit into your living space nicely and roomy enough for your kitty to claim it as her own. Attached near the top of the cat tree is a softball that invites plenty of play sessions for your cat; the softball is made to detach with extensive pressure, which ensures the safety of your cat while she’s playing. When your kitty needs to take her daily nap, there is a comfortable hammock for her to rest and lounge in. 


Scratcher Mat for Cats

This natural, sisal-spun cat scratcher mat is eco-friendly and safe because it isn’t made with severe substances, such as harmful oils and chemicals that could hurt your cat and the environment. The 23.6×15.7 inch scratcher mat is multi-functional, so in addition to scratching, your kitty can use it as a play, sleeping, or litter surface; it can even be used as a doormat.

The scratcher mat has slip-resistant latex on the bottom side, which means that it’s extra stable and won’t easily skid away while in use. Since the mat is eco-friendly, you can feel confident in knowing that the natural sisal material is entirely biodegradable.

This sisal material will fascinate your cat, making her less tempted to scratch your furniture and carpet. This product also has a satisfaction guarantee, so if you have any issues or concerns with the mat, you can contact FUKUMARU within 30 days.


Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy

If your cat loves to chase, then this is the gift for her. This interactive cat laser toy is hands-free and motion sensored.

Its sensor will smartly notice when your cat is on the move, and the laser will turn on and then automatically deactivate after running for five minutes. The toy includes a rechargeable battery; after you charge the battery for three hours, the toy will run for eight hours. (Be sure to use a 5V/1A adapter when charging the battery.)

You have the option to place the toy on a table surface, attach it to a wall or stick it on a window — it’s your choice. The sensor working height is between zero and 80 inches, and the ideal working height is between 40 and 48 inches for your cat.

The toy has multi-angle adjustment and an adjustable speed with slow and fast modes. These two modes are available with just one button: tap it once for slow mode, tap it twice for fast mode and tap it three times to turn it off.

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Even though this toy has aced a durability test, it conveniently comes with a 12-month warranty. This toy is sure to keep your cat healthy through playful and entertaining exercise for years to come.


Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy

This feather cat toy will excite her and satisfy her hunting impulse for the cat who regularly watches birds from the window. Handmade in the USA, this feather cat toy consists of a 36-inch pole with guinea feathers.

Your cat will be smitten by the toy’s bird-like movement and prey-like presentation. As a cat owner, it’s a no-brainer: save your cat from the stifled experience of birdwatching by providing her the hunting experience she is dreaming of with this feather cat toy.


Cat Harness and Leash Set

This cat harness and leash set is perfect for the cat who is ready for an outdoor adventure. Your cat can easily step into the harness, which is modern, escape-proof, adjustable, and made with reflective trim.

You can choose among six gorgeous designs that will declare your cat as a top fashionista. The harness is customizable, so you can adjust it to your cat’s size by using the five adjustable slide clips (two on the shoulder, two on the chest, and one on the back).

The adjustable range is larger than a regular cat harness and will provide the best fit for your cat, so you can feel relieved knowing that you won’t buy a size that’s too big or too small for your cat. There are two quick-release buckles and a D-ring to provide more security, which will help to prevent your cat from escaping and becoming lost when outside.

The harness is made of light, comfortable neoprene fabric, so it won’t be awkwardly heavy for your cat to move around in. The protective padding eases any pressure on your cat’s chest, which will prevent injuries and create an experience of safety and calm. Providing an extra measure of security, the harness’ reflective trim allows your cat to be readily visible while on a walk at night.

Vital Essentials

Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

The kitty who loves delicacies will love these freeze-dried cat treats. Stored for quick access in a resealable bag, these all-natural treats are unprocessed, whole minnows with no additional preservatives.

The freeze-dried minnows are just as healthy as when they were fresh, and they will maintain a long storage life without spoiling. Sourced and packaged in the USA, these freeze-dried minnows are an excellent source of protein that will stimulate your cat’s stamina and contribute to better overall health.

Pet Craft Supply

Premium Potent Catnip

If your cat needs a different kind of thrill, then gifting her this premium catnip is an obvious choice. This completely natural catnip is grown in the USA without harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

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It is also harvested during peak season, which promotes the catnip’s fine quality and strong potency. Your cat will not be able to get enough of this catnip: she may sniff, lick and eat it or even roll in it before shifting into a wonderfully content and calm state.

If you’re aiming to attract your cat to a particular household item, such as a scratching post, you can put this catnip on the post to lure your cat; this will help prevent damage to your furniture caused by unwanted scratching. Moreover, you can even add this catnip to a cat toy for increased enjoyment during play.


Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave 

Sometimes your cat may want to hide, but she will want to do so in a comfy place. This premium-felt cat bed is like a cozy cave for your cat to relax and curl up in.

Its durable design includes 100% merino wool, and it is entirely environmentally friendly because it contains zero substances that will harm your cat and the environment. Since it’s made with merino wool, it has phenomenal cushioning that will keep your cat at the right temperature all year long. It’s also compact and easily moveable, so you and your kitty can take it with you while traveling. 

Comfort Zone

Diffuser Kit for Cats

If your cat experiences any stress or anxiety, this veterinarian-recommended, award-winning diffuser kit is a powerful gift for calming your kitty. It’s simple to use: insert the diffuser in an upright position into an outlet (the diffuser’s vents should face the ceiling).

That’s it! The diffuser fills the room with calming pheromones to keep your cat feeling content and secure.

It includes a safety feature in which the diffuser will automatically turn off to stop overheating. It also consists of a rotatable plug that certifies correct placement in the wall outlet.

If you have one or even several kitties, this diffuser kit is ideal for relieving stress for your cats for around 30 days. It will not only calm your anxious cat and minimize inappropriate behaviors (such as urination outside of the litter box), it will also relieve strain among multiple cats living in the same space. Furthermore, if you don’t obtain the results from your diffuser, your purchase will be entirely refunded by Comfort Zone. 

Birdrock Home

Decorative Cat House and Side Table

Sometimes your cat wants a bit of privacy while using the litter box. This decorative cat house serves as both a hidden enclosure for your cat’s litter box and as a small table or nightstand for you.

It has an attractive opening for your cat to enter and exit, and the four-walled structure ensures that the smell and mess of the litter box are neatly contained. You can simply open the hinged door to access the litter box, which securely closes through a magnetic seal.

The rich wood finish of the enclosure offers a beautiful, warm touch to any room, so you and your cat will both feel pampered with the addition of this cat house to your home.