Who We Are

CleverPetOwners aims to become one of the world’s most comprehensive digital animal resource, with content that reaches millions of pet owners every month. According to statistics released by APPA, 7 in 10 households in United States owns at least one pet. This ranges from common pets such as cats, dogs, fishes, rabbits, to smaller exotic animals like parrots, snakes, ferrets, and many more.

CleverPetOwners’ editorial team creates award-winning content, with interactive images and input from a wide range of communities including experts and professionals. Using information from experts and real animal care-takers, CleverPetOwners provide readers with the help, support and answers that they seek for almost every pet species.

For more information you can contact us at contact@cleverpetowners.com

The Editorial Team

Emily Davis, Co-Founder

Emily Davis is a native of Ohio who grew up on an animal farm. Being around animals since young, Emily gained immense experience in handling different farm animals as well as other small and exotic animals. To widen her knowledge in animal care, she studied Zoology in The Ohio State University.

Emily is now a proud owner of a Yorkshire Terrier, bearded dragon and an Amazon parrot. She has also owned 2 cats, countless hamsters and guinea pigs.

In her free time, Emily enjoys designing digital arts and writing short stories surrounding animals. She also has a growing interest in the area of animal communication and animal psychology.

Alex Chua, Co-Founder

Alex is a banking executive in Asia who devotes all his time and energy on family and pets, whenever he is not at work. Together with his wife, Faith, Alex has taken care of countless of house pets and rehomed animals including chinchilla, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and even an aquarium.

Alex joined Clever Pet Owners with the aim of sharing his extensive experience on the right way to care for animals to internet readers all over the world.