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4health Dog Food vs Diamond Naturals

What we feed our dogs is extremely important for keeping them in their best state of health. Finding the right products to feed our dogs can sometimes get overwhelming with hundreds of brands out there. 

Two fan-favorite choices leading the way in health, price, and overall quality are 4 Health Natural Dog Food from Tractor Supply and Diamond Naturals. Of course, not all dogs are the same, and if your pup has special dietary concerns, it is always good to check with their vet. 

4 Health and Diamond are excellent choices for owners looking for all-natural ingredients and high amounts of nutrients. Pet owners love these brands for their commitment only to serve our canine friends the same quality pet food they feed their own dogs. 

Each of these brands has its own benefits that may outweigh the other, and it is tough to give a clear answer of which dog food is better for your particular dog. Read below for a detailed comparison of these two dog foods that will help you decide which one is best for your pet. 

4Health Dog Food

4Health brand sold exclusively in stores at Tractor Supply or online is deeply committed to the health of your canine by only using vet recommended ingredients. This means zero artificial colors, dyes, or flavors. 

Their passion for animals is reflected through their work and partnership with Paws4People. An organization that helps raise and train service dogs for children and veterans. 4health offers numerous formulations for all kinds of pet owners’ needs. 

Whether you are looking for a grain-free option, a specialty formula built with supplements, or just regular dog food, 4Health is a growing name in natural and healthy pet foods. Flavors include salmon and potato, chicken and rice, and fan-favorite lamb. They offer both dry and wet food for your pup, as well as now offering a line of food for cats. 


4 Health Dog Food

This is perhaps the most crucial part of choosing food for our dogs. All-natural ingredients are prioritized in all of 4 Health’s dog foods. 

Real meat is a staple that this brand always uses, whether it is chicken, lamb, or both. 4Health utilizes wholesome grains with zero corn, soy, and wheat filler, which can cause digestion issues and metabolism problems in dogs. 

Check out below to see some other ingredients added to 4Health dog food that makes them one of the most nutritious options for our furry friends. 

  • Omega Fatty acids found in many fish are added to all their foods which helps produce healthy skin and fur.  
  • Organic compounds found in animal tissue known as taurine are added to food to promote a healthy heart. 
  • Antioxidants added for good health and immune function such as zinc, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin E, and many others. 
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4Health is a decent price point of pet food for the quality offered. Find bags ranging from $8.99 to-44.99. Of course, this is a bit more expensive than some common brands such as Purina or Pedigree. But with much higher health and nutrient standards. 

What Owners Are Saying 

4Health has over 20,000 reviews with five stars. Not only do owners love the quality of food their dogs are getting with 4Health, but their pets love it too! One of our most popular formulas, lamb and rice, is a flavorful favorite of many of our pups. Please read below to see some first-hand testimonials from our customers. 

  •  “4 Health Salmon & Potato has helped my dog with skin conditions so much!! I have a picky eater & she eats this with no hesitation.”
  • “It took us two years to get our Boxer on a grain-free food she could tolerate with her allergies. That 4Health listened to DVMs & buyers and added Taurine to their grain-free kibble now is even more awesome!!”

Diamond Naturals 

Over the years, more owners have realized the potential health consequences of many ingredients put out by common dog foods and switched to more natural foods such as Diamond Naturals

Diamond is a world-renowned brand that has been producing high-quality pet food for years by incorporating various disciplines of animal care and food biology. Their specialty formulas made for all sizes of dogs, special diets, and even cats can be found in various retailers in person or online such as Amazon, Chewy, and Tractor Supply. 

Diamond Naturals 

They combine veterinary medicine, nutrition, and food microbiology research to help formulate the safest and most powerful superfoods for dogs. 

Diamond’s website offers a comprehensive review of raw ingredients with nutritional profiles and information for pet owners. Here, you can also find a page that allows you to find the exact formula that best fits your dog based on its size, breed, and dietary needs. Customers love this user-friendly experience and the level of interaction they get when shopping on Diamond.  

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Like 4Health, Diamond Naturals pride themselves on offering the highest quality of natural and fresh ingredients. The meat used in their ingredients is not only antibiotic and hormone-free but pasture-raised and cruelty-free as well. 

Like 4Health, Diamond also utilizes omega fatty acids for healthy skin and fur, as well as staying away from soy, corn, or wheat fillers. Diamond health infuses all its formulas directed under the guidance of vet medicine to ensure your dog is healthy and active for as long as possible. Check out below to see some of the other amazing added benefits of Diamond Health ingredients. 

  • They are formulated with K9 Strain probiotics to support healthy digestion. 
  • Antioxidants such as selenium and vitamin E for healthy immunity and thyroid function. 
  • Fatty Acid DHA (docosahexaenoic) is present in their formulas to support healthy brain and vision development. 


Price points are similar to 4Health, Blue Buffalo, and other natural dog foods. The range for diamond products may be a bit more expensive at about $14-$45, compared to 4Health. 

What Owners Are Saying 

With tons of 5-star reviews, Diamond is beloved by pet owners and dogs alike. Don’t take our word for it, though. Here are some actual reviews by customers who have made the switch to Diamond Naturals. 

  •  “I have been using diamond dog food for over 25 years, and no food can compare to the great results I’ve had with your products, from my Staffordshire terroirs to my miniature pinscher. I am a loyal customer who stands by your brand. I have never had a problem, only great results.”
  • “our five-year-old Border Collie, Katelyn Grace. She has been on Diamond since she was a puppy, and it gives her the energy she needs to herd the squirrels and deer out of our yard!”

So after going through major elements of each brand, one thing is sure, that both provide pet owners with safe, fresh, and highly nutritious food. While each has its benefits, they tend to be pretty similar in terms of ingredients. 

Many customers find Diamond Naturals to offer a more comprehensive shopping process for pet parents. Their website is filled with tons of nutritional information, including raw ingredients and their nutritional profiles for our pets. 4Health seems to have a more extensive range with slightly lower prices than Diamond Naturals.